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She’d confidently uttered the four fatal words | Expecting Ty's Baby @empibaryeh #Excerpt #Teaser #AAromance

Hello there and thanks for visiting. I'm sharing another excerpt from Chapter one of Expecting Ty's Baby. This follows from Wednesday's post. Read Chapter 1, Part 1 before you embark on part 2.

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EXPECTING TY'S BABY © by Empi Baryeh 2019
(Chapter 1: Part 2)
Patricia blew out a breath of pent up frustration then sipped her tea in favor of wasting any effort in trying to deny the truth of her friend’s words. She was no prude, but sex with Ty had been beyond her expectations.
She sighed. He’d been so attuned to her needs, touching her as if he’d known her body for much longer than a week. He’d branded her in a way she wasn’t sure could be replicated. Would her body ever get over him?
She shoved the thoughts out of her mind, squaring her shoulders in a false show of indifference. “It doesn’t matter. We’re never going to see each other again, so what’s the point? What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”
“Him or you? Don’t assume Ty is going to make the same choice your father did.”
Despite Naaki’s gentle tone, her words delivered a heavy dose of tough love, its sting worse than a back-handed slap. Patricia steeled herself, forced her mind to move past it.
“My parents married because my mother got pregnant with me and look how well that turned out.” Sarcasm. An ineffective shield against the torment of unanswered questions simmering beneath the surface, but it helped in a way she couldn’t explain. “All I’m saying is men have to be ready for a baby. Otherwise, they run in the other direction.”
“Who says Ty isn’t ready?”
“Trust me, he isn’t,” Patricia said with conviction, her mind going back to their conversation one early dawn as they pillow-talked after a night of mind-numbing, limb-weakening sex. How had he put it again? Not in my ten-year plan. The words echoed in her head, along with the rich timbre of his laughter as he’d said them.
Absentmindedly, she fiddled with the coin she’d flipped as those thoughts continued their torturous flow. She wasn’t an indecisive person by nature, but she had a huge decision to make, and the consequences would be far-reaching whichever direction she went.
“I still think you should tell him,” Naaki said. “I mean, hopefully you wouldn’t be showing yet, but as my maid of honor it would be a little obvious if you have to excuse yourself every few minutes to go and throw up.”
“What are you talking about?” Patricia’s mind whisked past the barb, reading between the lines. “You don’t mean he’s—”
A prickly sensation skittered up her spine—something between dread and excitement—at the thought she didn’t want to speak into existence.
“I do,” Naaki answered. “Ty is coming to the wedding. He’s the best man.”
Patricia buried her face in her palms. This complicated things. Big time. It would be easy to keep the truth from him when they lived thousands of miles and an ocean apart. It was an entirely different story to share the same space with him and not blurt it out—a definite possibility if he trained those haunting green eyes of his on her, eyes which tempted her to say things she shouldn’t.
Like the morning they’d made the baby now growing inside her—the only time during their weeklong affair they hadn’t used a condom. She’d asked him to make love to her, and he’d whispered in his deep baritone, “We’re out of condoms.”
With disappointment crawling up her stomach, she’d done a quick calculation, determined her period had ended about a week earlier, just before they had met. She’d deduced she was still safe for another couple of days—at least.
Since they’d already had the all-important HIV status talk before they had sex the first time, she’d confidently uttered the four fatal words. “It’s okay, I’m safe.”
“You know, the best man and maid of honor have to spend a lot of time together,” Naaki teased. “If last time was anything to go by, then you won’t be able to resist him.”
But Patricia had to.
For his own sake.
And hers.
“Like you said, I won’t be showing yet,” she persisted stubbornly. “I’m sure I’ll survive a few weeks without cracking.”

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