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One week, no strings attached | Expecting Ty's Baby @empibaryeh #Excerpt #Teaser #AAromance

Hello there! If you're following me on Facebook or Twitter, then you may already have heard that my release date has been moved forward to 30 March. To compensate you, my awesome readers, I'm going to be sharing excerpts from Chapter one over the next couple of weeks.

I hope you enjoy the read💖

EXPECTING TY'S BABY © by Empi Baryeh 2019
(Chapter 1: Part 1)
Accra, Ghana:
Patricia Owusu flicked a coin into the air, deftly catching it between her palm and the back of her other hand. “Heads, I tell Ty he’s going to be a father; tails, I don’t.”
Across the table in their usual corner of the Infusions Café where they met for breakfast one Sunday every month, her best friend and blushing bride-to-be, Naaki Tabika, quirked an eyebrow. “Pat, don’t even joke about something like this. Ty has a right to know.”
“Who says I’m joking?” Patricia lifted her hand to reveal the coin and her heart sank.
“Heads,” Naaki said with a smile. “Clearly, fate knows what it’s doing.”
Patricia waved the pesky coin. “Best two out of three.”
Naaki laughed, and despite herself, Patricia gave into a smile. Okay, so maybe she was half-joking, because deep down inside—if she let herself think about it, allowed her mind to reach past the pregnancy hormones and the nerves jangling in the pit of her stomach—she couldn’t deny the temptation to tell Ty. An idea that sounded good only in theory, because in truth, Ty wouldn’t want to know.
“The last thing I want is to noose a lifelong commitment around a guy’s neck.”
Especially one resulting from a liaison that lasted all of one week. They had both known—agreed—their relationship had no future.
Naaki looked doubtful. “I don’t know. Ty struck me as a responsible guy, and I’m sure he’d like to be involved in some way.”
That was the problem. He hadn’t said it in so many words, but Patricia had sensed Ty to be the kind of man who took obligation seriously, so telling him would mean forcing his hand.
“I can’t let him take responsibility for something he didn’t sign up for. Besides, his life is in America, mine is here. What kind of life would he be offering my child?”
“You know it’s no excuse,” Naaki said. “Remember when I didn’t want to get involved with Thane because he would be returning to America? Look at us now.”
As Naaki refilled her cup, the diamond solitaire on her engagement ring caught in a ray of sunlight, which had managed to slip through the branches of moringa trees lining the side of the quiet street their table overlooked.
It paled in comparison with the gleam in her eyes.
“I’m happy things worked out between you and Thane, but it’s not the same. For one, you two were in love pretty much from the start. Ty and I aren’t.”
Even though their attraction to each other had been instant, the passion between them seemingly insatiable, there had been no gray areas in their agreement: one week, no strings attached.
A baby came with major strings.
Pushing aside those thoughts, she concentrated on her tea as though she’d find some secret solution in the dark brew. “I told him I was safe. I thought I was safe; and now to tell him I’m pregnant? He’s going to think I’m a liar. Or worse, one of those women who get pregnant to trap guys into marriage.”
“Hey.” Naaki’s hand closed around Patricia’s arm. “You’re neither a liar nor one of those women, and if he spent any amount of time with you, he should know. Besides, you’re both consenting adults. It’s not as if you forced yourself on him.”
Warmth spread through her veins, and her heartbeat quickened as the memories came back in vivid color. They’d been cuddling in the king-sized bed in Ty’s hotel suite. After going through their pack of condoms during the night, she’d thought the multiple orgasms he’d drawn out of her had been enough to last a lifetime—or at least a few years—but she’d woken up to his kisses on her shoulder and gentle caresses along her thigh.
He’d nudged her backward, bringing her butt in contact with his hot, throbbing arousal and all previous orgasms were promptly forgotten. She’d wanted him with a fierceness she’d never experienced with any other man. She’d turned, thrust her pelvis against his hardness, and practically assaulted him. Not that he hadn’t been a willing participant. Au contraire. He’d been—

“Uh, Earth to Pat,” Naaki’s voice broke through her lustful recollection. “Wow, it’s been what? Three months? And you’re still spacing out at the mention of his name.”

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