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Prah, Constantine and Baryeh Reviews: The Afterlife Coach by Susan E. Paul

It's October, and we probably should have chosen a Halloween themed book so readers could adjust their TBR list, but we chose a paranormal story, which I think works for the season: The Aferlife Coach by Susan E. Paul. Here's the blurb: Imagine waking up to find Napoleon Bonaparte, Janis Joplin and Count Dracula in your kitchen eating Froot Loops. For Claire Anderson, this crosses the line. To make matters worse, they’re on the lam and can’t be returned to sender until In Between, the afterlife way station, can arrange transportation to pick them up. In the meantime, Claire tries to contain this motley crew, hoping to stave off an international incident. How do they manage to walk among us? Will Claire succeed in repatriating them? And at what cost? The Afterlife Coach is a humorous tale of second chances, self-awareness and, for those among us who make bad choices, demonstrates just how hard it is to die happily ever after.