Tuesday, 30 January 2018

#BookReview: Fashion Victim by Suz DeMello


Hot isn't a hot enough word to describe corporate raider Fletcher Wolf, but since he's suing couturier Cara Fletcher for, oh, a gazillion dollars, she figures she shouldn't hit on him…at least not too hard. On top of that, she wonders if he's responsible for the harassment and vandalism that's plaguing her, irritants that escalate into crimes when her workshop is trashed to the tune of a hundred thousand dollars. The economic damage enables him to seize her company, bringing him into her life on a daily basis. When her Manhattan loft home is torched and her assistant murdered, Cara realizes that the man she wants is the only man who can keep her safe.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Kindle vs Book: 5 reasons to choose e-books #ebookvsprintbook

Confession. I'm one of those people - you know, those who sniff new books for that unparalleled 'new book' smell (and if they made 'new book' scented car fresheners, I'd totally buy it). Whenever I'm travelling for a conference or something, I grab a few paperbacks, but therein lies the problem. 

When travelling, especially by air, there are serious luggage weight considerations. If you intend to do some shopping where you're going, then you want to take as little baggage with you as possible.
So I took the plunge and bought my first kindle about 5 years ago (my Christmas gift to myself). 

I recently met a man on a plane who confessed he's a die-hard fan of print books and a firm subscriber to the eReaders-are-just-not-the-same school. We got talking about books versus kindle and at the end of the journey he said I just may have convinced him to try an e-reader.

So I thought it would be fun to challenge myself (and some of you) by sharing a few points in praise of e-readers to help those on the fence make an informed (ahem) decision. Since I own a kindle, my post may have points that aren't relevant to other e-readers.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

...man, you're whipped #SexySnippet from Expecting Ty's Baby #amwritingromance

Hi. I decided to do a sexy snippet today as well. I debated continuing from where I left of last week, but decided to rather share a snippet from Book 1, Chancing Faith, where I first introduced Ty Webber, the hero of Expecting Ty's Baby, because this is the scene where I realised Ty was going to be hero of book 2.

The sound of teasing laughter snapped Thane out of his semi-trance. He’d momentarily forgotten Ty was in the office.
“She’s the one, isn’t she?” Ty laughed again. “Man, you’re whipped.”
Thane ignored the gibe as he poured himself a fresh cup of coffee. 
“At least she likes you, too. I’ve never seen two people practically strip each other naked with their eyes,” Ty mocked.  

I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Leave me a comment.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Book Review: Thorns and Roses by Amaka Azie


Ifeoma and her sisters escaped an emotionally abusive father to start a new life in Lagos. She is determined to never let another man have control over her, even if that means never falling in love. That is until she meets Chuma, a wealthy and domineering man who is exactly the kind of man she is determined to stay away from but somehow can’t seem to keep away from. An unlikely relationship develops, taking them from joy to a devastating loss and finally to betrayal. Ifeoma must decide, but she is torn between her painful past and a chance at a future with Chuma… Chuma is a cutthroat obsessive financial mogul whose sole purpose in life is to make his family name great. And he is determined to let nothing distract him from achieving his goal. But when he meets Ifeoma, an elusive, hardworking chef, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. They embark on a turbulent journey of friendship and love, which is eventually shattered by tragedy. Chuma wants to heal the rift that has grown between them and will go to any lengths to do so. However, he encounters secrets from her past...

Sunday, 21 January 2018

...so this is what that feels like #SexySnippet from Expecting Ty's Baby #amwritingromance

Hi folks. I'm thrilled to share my first ever #SexySnippets post. The rules are simple. Participating authors are to post seven sentences from a work in progress, or published book.

I've decided to share a snippet from my just completed story, currently titled Expecting Ty's Baby, the sequel to Chancing Faith.

Here goes:

Monday, 15 January 2018

10 Things I Didn't Know About #Motherhood

I've been a mum for at least 3 years now, and I often still stare at my kids in amazement of who they are, and the fact that they are mine! Watching them grow is one of the most truly amazing things to witness. Every parent says it, but it doesn't get real until you're watching your child grow. Whether it's when they try to run past you, while trying to get away from you (cos they don't want to brush their teeth), or they are singing a song in baby talk in the right tune, or figuring out how to arrange legos. Your child's achievements will surprise and delight you even when you've read all the parenting books.

I've made a few rather interesting discoveries, since becoming a mum and I thought I'd share some here.

1) Sleep? What sleep? To be fair, they do tell you about this, but you don't really know until you've experienced it. When babies first arrive, their schedules are pretty clear. They eat, sleep and poo. They eat often (and poo just as much especially if you're breastfeeding) so you never get more than a few hours of sleep at a time. And you have to do other things in between, like clean and sterilise the feeding bottles, keep the house clean for your baby's sake, do the laundry (I was warned not to buy too many things for my baby for the first three months as they'll outgrow them too quickly, so that meant the few we owned needed to be washed often so there were always clean clothes to wear). Then you think it will be better when they grow up. Well, not for another couple of years. My kids are both toddlers now and they don't sleep when I need them to sleep. They are at a stage where they're walking and talking (babbling in the case of the younger one) and feeling more confident about discovering the world around them (in other words, you can't take your eyes off them for more than a few seconds). Now imagine yourself bone tired and nodding off while your little typhoon is running around 'exploring'; you can't keep your eyes open and you can't afford to fall asleep.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Book Review: Closer Than A Brother by Nkem Ivara


The Blurb
Daye Thompson didn’t know when it happened, but while playing the role of the-big-brother-she-never-had to beautiful Samantha Egbuson, he falls in love with her. Confessing his true feelings could signal the end of their lifetime friendship. Can he risk losing her altogether?
She may have fallen for her best friend, Daye but can Samantha trust him with her heart when she's had such rotten luck with men she trusted in the past?

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

#BookReview: The Seeing Place by Aziza Eden Walker

The Blurb

Hot-shot producer Thuli Poni is holding auditions for her latest play in Cape Town. Andile Sebe is an up-and-coming star, just waiting for his big break. Thuli casts Andile and challenges him to link his painful past with the role he is portraying, leading him to open up to her. The two fall for each other and a passionate romance ensues. But when auditions open for Sins of the Fathers, the most-watched TV show in South Africa, Thuli turns cold. Will she play a part in Andile’s rise to fame, or will she hinder it? This is a story about how love can triumph against the odds if we stay humble, take risks and are willing to learn. The Seeing Place offers a very different kind of romance - between a powerful woman and a man who wants something only she can offer.

Monday, 1 January 2018

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