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New Release: One Night Expectations By LaQuette | #OneNightExpectations #LaQuette #HarlequinDesire #HoneyMagnolia

ONE NIGHT EXPECTATIONS BY LAQUETTE An impulsive one-night stand has unexpected consequences in the latest Devereaux Inc. novel by LaQuette.   For these Brooklyn power players,     one night holds surprises to last a lifetime.   When her grandfather meddles in the billion-dollar development deal she’s closing for the family company, Amara Devereaux-Rodriguez feels betrayed…and rebellious. A chance encounter with Lennox Carlisle is just the kind of trouble she’s looking for. But their night together soon becomes a threat to Amara’s aspirations because the mayoral contender has the power to quash the Devereaux deal. And now Amara’s pregnant with his child. Can she quench the fire for Lennox that could send their lifelong ambitions up in flames?   AVAILABLE ON AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | APPLE | KOBO | GOOGLE | BOOKSHOP   ADD ON GOODREADS   EXCERPT Lennox put the beer down on a nearby end table and stared at the woman sitting next to him. Trying hard to remember John’s warn

New Release: It's Not the Hookup, It's the Chase by Elle Wright | #ItsNotTheHookupItsTheChase #ElleWright #YoungInLove

  Blurb: A long time ago, I helped her. Little tips about what to wear, how to leave a man wanting more, ways to be sexy without being too obvious. The guy she’d wanted was wrong for her, though. Still, she’d wanted him anyway and ended up with a broken heart. But she wasn’t the only one, because even after I’d made my own intentions known, she walked away. Now, she’s back in town. Still beautiful, still intelligent, still funny, and ready to start over after a bad breakup from someone who never deserved her in the first place. Want to know when I fell for one of my best friends? I can’t even tell you. Somewhere between eating Superman ice cream in her mom’s backyard and punching the first boy to ever make her cry. Want to know how I got friend-zoned? She’d have to tell you. My services—Wingman for Hire—help women drive the men they want crazy. Yet, I couldn’t seem to get her to notice me that way. Want to know what I decided to do about it? The absolute right thing at the wrong time.