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New Release: Reel by Kennedy Ryan | Hollywood Renaissance Book 1

REEL BY KENNEDY RYAN " Reel is alive and pulsing like a beating heart. This romance is a triumph of art and emotion. "  --Talia Hibbert, New York Times bestselling author    Reel , an all new epic CONTEMPORARY STANDALONE love story from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kennedy Ryan, is available now!   One moment in the spotlight.   For months I stood by, an understudy waiting in the wings, preparing for my time to shine.  I never imagined he would watch in the audience that night.  Canon Holt. Famous film director. Fascinating. Talented. Fine. Before I could catch my breath, everything changed.  I went from backstage Broadway to center stage Hollywood. From being unknown, to my name, Neevah Saint, on everyone’s lips. Canon casts me in a star-studded Harlem Renaissance biopic, catapulting me into another stratosphere.    But stars shine brightest in the dead of night. Forbidden attraction, scandal and circumstances  beyond my control jeopardize my d