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Labors of Love Blog Hop 4 - 6 September #LOLHop

It's my birthday month and I thought I should celebrate, so when my friends Mona Karel and Jami Gray asked if I'd like to join the Labors of Love Blog Hop, I said YEA! As always, celebration author style means you get the gifts. From today 4th - 6th September we're giving away awesome prizes. 

Prah, Constantine and Baryeh #Review: Tangled Souls by Jana Oliver #Paranormal

Hello again, World! It's P, C & B review time :-). We bring you three impressions of the same book - good way to help you decide if you want to read the book (end of commercial).  Okay, so we stayed in the paranormal genre with a witches/ghosts: Tangled Souls by Jana Oliver.  As always, when you're done reading my review, please head over to reviews of the same book by Nana Prah and Cathrine Constantine.