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The 2018 Kofi Awoonor Literary Prize Competition

The Department of English, University of Ghana, under the sponsorship of the Kofi Awoonor Family, Friends and Chief Dele Momodu of Ovation International magazine, announces the Second Edition of The Kofi Awoonor Literary Prize. The biennial competition initially alternates between significant collections of Poetry, Prose and Essay, the three literary genres in which Professor Awoonor distinguished himself. ELIGIBILITY To be eligible to win the Prize, a person must be an African and a currently registered student of the University of Ghana or must have graduated within the past ten (10) years (2008-2017). ENTRIES The Second Edition of the competition is dedicated to Prose Fiction. Each participant must submit four (4) copies of a full-length Novel or Collection of Short Stories, published (from 2008 to 2017), or unpublished. Unpublished works must be typed, double spaced and in Times New Roman 12 point font size. SUBMISSION Published works and hard copies of unpublished works (in Micros

A Fortune to Win by Suz deMello Review Tour

BLURB Drug addicts Harvey, Lord Darlingside, and his supermodel wife, Mara, died by drowning in the Trevi Fountain while on a heroin binge. In a previous rare moment of sobriety, Harvey created a trust for their three children with a peculiar stipulation designed to ensure none would go his way: each must demonstrate maturity by making a substantial non-monetary contribution to others. A Fortune To Win is the story of the Darlingside heirs' journey to love and their legacies. MY REVIEW

She'd dance for him any day #SexySnippet by @EmpiBaryeh

Hi folks! Today, I'm taking a break from Forest Girl to share a few lines from the (possible) book 2, which is currently titled City Girl (believe me, I know), a very sweet romance set in 1990s Ghana. Just a bit if background. This scene takes place between my hero and heroine at a festival in their village. I always enjoy the first signs of awareness between H and H. Anyway, here goes (PS. this is still a VERY rough first draft): “Will you be dancing adowa today?” he asked.   Mansa had been planning on skipping the dance, yet she found herself nodding. How could she not when he spoke with such gentleness? She’d be willing to dance for him any day.   He leaned forward and spoke in a low tone. “I was going to leave early, but if you promise to invite me to dance with you, I’ll stay.”   Her eyes darted back to meet his intense stare, and her heart stutter-stepped as a shivering sensation galloped up her spine.  I hope you enjoyed this snippet. P lease leave me a c

The Starling Blog Tour - Ellie Masters

¸.•*´¨❥¸.•*´¨ NEW RELEASE¸.•*´¨❥¸.•*´¨ The Starling by Ellie Masters a Full Length Novel Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense, No Erotica 512 pages ¸.•*´¨❥¸.•*´¨ Blurb ¸.•*´¨❥¸.•*´¨ Thief or modern day Robin Hood? Recruited by the FBI to investigate the theft of a Van Gogh, Vivianne Faulks must work with a man who blurs the lines between the legal and illegal sale of art. As Viv is drawn further into the world of art auctions and international crime, the case threatens to uncover Faulks’ family secrets long buried since World War II. Not to mention, her enigmatic partner might be the very thief she's been sent to catch. When her life's put on the line, Viv no longer cares about recovering the stolen Van Gogh. With each twist and turn, she's simply trying to stay alive.

I trust you #SexySnippet from Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh @empibaryeh

Hello, folks! I'm back on the sexy snippet train with more for you from, FOREST GIRL. This will be my last snippet from this book for a few weeks. Don't worry, I'll pop in with snippets from my WIP. Here you go:

Roll Call: Book New Update

Hi folks! I'm just popping in to let you know, there are two amendments to my previous book news : Forest Girl :  release date is 19 June (I mistakenly announced it as 22 June)! The e-book will be available for pre-order in May as previously announced.  A Princess Story:  There's a new release date for the  multi-author  royal series I'm writing with my friends   Kiru Taye   and   Nana Prah .  The official title announcement and cover reveal will now be in May, with a release date in July 2018 . Don't forget to stop by on Sunday for a sexy snippet from Forest Girl! Have a lovely weekend.

Prah, Constantine and Baryeh Reviews: Crane by Stacey Rourke #PCBReviews

Hello folks, and welcome to the second Prah, Constantine and Baryeh review of the year 2018. I start today's post with an announcement. Prah, Constantine and Baryeh reviews will now be posted bi-monthly. The reason? Life gets in the way, unfortunately, and this has affected how many books we can commit to reading as a group. We still aim to bring you our honest 3-for-1 reviews! Our last read was, Crane by Stacey Rourke, a paranormal. Here's the Blurb The Horseman is unending, his presence shan’t lessen. If you break the curse, you become the legend. Washington Irving and Rip Van Winkle had no choice but to cover up the deadly truth behind Ichabod Crane’s disappearance. Centuries later, a Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow awakening macabre secrets once believed to be buried deep. What if the monster that spawned the legend lived within you? Now, Ireland Crane, reeling from a break-up and seeking a fresh start, must rely on the newly awakened Rip Van Winkle to discover

Roll Call: What's Happening With Me and What to Expect From Me This Year

I've always wanted to be able to share a what's-coming-up post, and now I find myself in a position to do so. As some of you know, I took a break from writing to start a family in 2012. If you read my post on, 10 Things I Didn't Know About Motherhood , you'd know that I discovered how much time and energy a husband and two kids take. However, in 2017, I finally managed to find a routine that allows me to write regularly, and I finally got my two WIPs completed and another project started. Here's what's happening with me and what to expect over the next 6 or so months: April - June A Princess Story announcement (multi-author series):  My friends Kiru Taye and Nana Prah  persuaded me to join them in writing a 3-book royal series, and we'll be having our official title announcement and cover reveal on 18 April! The series is set to be released in May 2018 . Forest Girl : This was supposed to be my next release until the release date for

He couldn’t walk away even if he wanted to... #SexySnippet from Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh @empibaryeh

Welcome to another sexy snippet. Today, I'm giving you another peek into FOREST GIRL.  Here's  the blurb  to give you some background: Esi Afriyie has been in love with Michael Yaw Badu since childhood. When he receives a scholarship to study in America, all hope seems lost ... until he returns to Ghana ten years later. An arranged marriage contracted by their families makes her dreams come true, but does the reality of being Mrs. Michael Badu live up to the fantasy? Michael may have married Esi, but he is in love with someone else—Forest Girl, a mystery woman he encountered just once in the forest. His heart belongs to her, and he doesn't need his beautiful wife awakening his carnal desires. He is even willing to sacrifice his marriage for another encounter with Forest Girl. Reality is not what either Esi or Michael imagined. Esi is disillusioned; Michael feels trapped. Will Michael give in and allow his heart to discover a love that was always meant to be, before