Sunday, 22 April 2018

She'd dance for him any day #SexySnippet by @EmpiBaryeh

Hi folks! Today, I'm taking a break from Forest Girl to share a few lines from the (possible) book 2, which is currently titled City Girl (believe me, I know), a very sweet romance set in 1990s Ghana.

Just a bit if background. This scene takes place between my hero and heroine at a festival in their village. I always enjoy the first signs of awareness between H and H.

Anyway, here goes (PS. this is still a VERY rough first draft):

“Will you be dancing adowa today?” he asked. 
Mansa had been planning on skipping the dance, yet she found herself nodding. How could she not when he spoke with such gentleness? She’d be willing to dance for him any day. 
He leaned forward and spoke in a low tone. “I was going to leave early, but if you promise to invite me to dance with you, I’ll stay.” 
Her eyes darted back to meet his intense stare, and her heart stutter-stepped as a shivering sensation galloped up her spine. 

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. Please leave me a comment.

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  1. Oh, I love this. Fabulous snippet, Empi :-)