Tuesday, 31 July 2018

#NewRelease: Silverblade by Bella Jeanisse @BellaJeanisse @WTMOreads #Rockstar

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Silverblade by Bella Jeanisse

Genre: Rockstar


Are you ready to dive into a new series?

Before there can be a Rockstar Romance, there has to be a band…

Shane Martin, lead vocalist of Silverblade, has given up on keeping his band together. He doesn’t know how to go on after the loss of their bassist and his best friend, Troy. When Troy’s widow insists he start the search, he does. No one was good enough until he found Zack.

Zack Bryant plays bass, but his band is going nowhere. He thinks he has no chance to have a better life. That is until Shane walks into the bar where he is playing one night. He finally has a way to show the world what he can do.

Will Zack blend with the rest of the band? Can they get ready in time to join the Reign of Fire tour? Little do they know, this is only the beginning.

Warning: For those 18 and over only. May not suitable for all readers. Bumps in the road can be fun, right?

This book has spoilers for the Gasoline and Wicked End series, as well as Triple Threat's Dual Desires.

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

3 Things To Avoid When Writing about the dreaded Ex #WritingTips

I recently read a book which started with the heroine in a relationship with her soon-to-be-ex, and while this was instrumental in showing where she was coming from, I thought a full chapter at the beginning of the story was not how I wanted to start my romance novel.

It got me thinking about past relationships - we all have them and in many cases they even define who we've become. So it makes sense that romance heroes and heroines have past relationships that have played a role in defining who they are.

But what's the best way to handle the dreaded ex in romance novels? There may not be a 'best way' to handle exes, but there are a few things I think authors should endeavour to avoid.

Before I go further, let me start off by saying these tips are entirely my personal opinion (and not backed by any formal research). Number 2, these are only tips - I have, in fact, broken at least one of these rules before, but it was a conscious decision, which I believe was critical to the plot:

  1. (For Pete's sake) Don't start the novel with the ex. To me, this is a no-no. If the book is about Peter and Dora, I don't want to start with Peter and Susan's toxic relationship, or Dora and her undeserving ex.
  2. Don't dedicate a chapter to the ex. Again, the story is about your hero and heroine, a flashback to a past relationship is okay, but it doesn't need an entire chapter, even if it's not chapter 1.
  3. Don't stereotype the ex: I get so tired of reading about bitchy ex-girlfriends and abusive ex-boyfriends. Yes, they exist, and, no, they must not be ignored, but they aren't the only kinds of exes. There are people who just don't work out, not because they are evil, but because they weren't meant to be.

    One of my favourite movies is The Wedding Planner (because... Matthew McConaughey, duh! ♡). The thing that stood out for me the most was the fact that Bridgette Wilson's character wasn't your typical bitch. She was actually a very nice woman, which added to the hero's conflict. Why would he even fall for someone else when his fiancรฉe is such a great girl? That equals conflict!

So there you have it - my top 3 things to avoid when writing about the ex in a romance novel. Agree? Disagree? Any personal tips to add? Please leave me a comment.


Sunday, 8 July 2018

You Complicate Things | Forest Girl #SexySnippet #AAromance @EmpiBaryeh

Hi and welcome to another sexy snippet. I took a break while preparing for the release of Forest Girl. Now it's out and I can share a few more sexy snippets to whet your appetite. 

Today's snippet highlights Michael's dilemma as indicated in paragraph 2 of the blurb (yea, I got all academic - hehe). This piece and what follows in the scene set the tone for my hero's conflict.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ’•

Saturday, 7 July 2018

#BookReview: LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND LOTS OF DOGS by Ellen Whyte @WTMOreads @AuthorAJAdams

"A Sweet,Funny, and Adorable Romance" - Roxie's Reviews

๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•Love, Laughter, and Lots of Dogs๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
A Pawsome Romance by Ellen Whyte 
A standalone novel
 50,000 words Price: $2.99


Kelly Taylor’s homemade pet treat business is taking off. Even better, utterly yummy Lord Cory Winthrop, the man she had a teenage crush on, asks her out for dinner.

Back on a lightning visit home, Cory Winthrop runs into his childhood friend, Kelly. Captivated by her happy nature, he becomes determined to win her heart.

However, finding true love is never easy. Kelly worries she may not fit into Cory’s spectacularly glamorous lifestyle. To complicate matters, Cory’s banking career is at a crossroads, and his evil ex is about to come rocketing back into his life.

Will Cory and Kelly be able to overcome their difficulties and live happily ever after?

A warm, light-hearted small town romance with a curvy girl and a very hunky billionaire banker. Featuring Hamish, the adorable rescue puppy.

#Wintrop #Romance

What The Reviewers Are Saying
"What an adorable cute even funny at times romance story" - Paula D on Goodreads.
"What a totally delightful read!" Miri on Goodreads.
"...who wouldn’t love them...I absolutely did" - 

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Monday, 2 July 2018

Bound to Liberty by Kiru Taye #Pre-Order #Giveaway @KiruTaye


Title: Bound To Liberty
Series: Bound, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance, LGBT, African-American, Romantic Suspense


As if life isn’t tough enough for James Coker, rejected and nearly killed by family, he is also a closeted gay man in a country where being gay is outlawed. So when the first man he's ever loved gets engaged to a woman, James’s solution to heartbreak is to indulge in a holiday fling.