Sunday, 8 July 2018

You Complicate Things | Forest Girl #SexySnippet #AAromance @EmpiBaryeh

Hi and welcome to another sexy snippet. I took a break while preparing for the release of Forest Girl. Now it's out and I can share a few more sexy snippets to whet your appetite. 

Today's snippet highlights Michael's dilemma as indicated in paragraph 2 of the blurb (yea, I got all academic - hehe). This piece and what follows in the scene set the tone for my hero's conflict.

Enjoy 💕

“Sit down,” he commanded as he moved away from door.
Though he’d spoken in a soft voice, a sliver of nerves stole through her as she glimpsed the hard look in his eyes.

Quietly, she obeyed, taking the stool in front of the dressing mirror.
He sat on the bed, facing her. He stared at her for several seconds without speaking.
“Yaw, what’s wrong?”
“You,” he said. “You complicate things.”

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Forest Girl is out now.

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  1. Of course, she has to complicate things. Where's the fun otherwise? LOL

  2. Gotta love a complicated woman, right? ;-)

  3. Oh yeah, complicating things makes for great romance :)