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3 Good Reasons to come to my Book Reading @writersPG


So my long awaiting book reading is nearly here! If you're in Accra or can be in Accra on Wednesday, 26th March, 2016, please don't forget to come.

  1. Autographed copies: you know you love owning books that have been autographed by the author :-), and since I'll be there with my special pen, you can buy a copy of Chancing Faith and have it autographed. How awesome is that!

  2. 15% off! I should probably have mentioned this first - print copies of Chancing Faith will be on sale at 15% off their retail price (shhh).

  3. Meet other book lovers and readers: The Ghana Voices Series (which is what Writers Project Ghana calls the book reading sessions) is a good way to meet like-minded people who share your passion for reading and books (like the fact that you love the smell of new books) 

There's a fourth reason, but it's a surprise - teeheehee.

Okay, enough goofing around. Seriously, it will be a fun one hour of your time. Don't miss out.



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Author Interview: @NanaPrah talks about her #NewRelease + #giveaway

Hi folks! I am so happy to be sharing this particular book release blog hop with my friend, Nana Prah, because I saw a few chapters of her latest release, Midwife to Destiny, as it was being developed. I can't wait to experience the journey in full and find out how the HEA happened.

Nana also happens to be a fellow Ghanaian author, so needless to say, I am tickled to bits to introduce you to her and her freshly released novel, Midwife to Destiny, from Decadent Publishing's Ubuntu line.

Welcome to casa Empi, Nana. It seems not so long ago that we were celebrating the release of your debut novel, Love Through Time. How time flies!

Let's get right to it:

EB: When did you decide you were going to be a writer? Why fiction? For that matter, why romance fiction?

NP: Writing decided for me. A few years ago I wrote an e-mail to a friend telling her how she would meet her husband (as encouragement, not because I’m a psychic). The tale turned into a novel. Although it never got published, it set me off to write my debut novel Love Through Time.

I write romance because I’m a sucker for happily ever after. For me reading is an escape, and through my own writing I’d like to give people a wonderful place to go where everything ends up as they think it should.

EB: Nice. Do you have any strange habits/quirks when writing?

NP: When things aren’t going well and I’m stuck on a scene, I can clear out my refrigerator and pantry of all junk food. Other than that, no writing quirks for me.

EB: When you say 'clear out' do you mean into your stomach? :-)

EB: As a writer, what or who do you think has been your biggest inspiration?

NP: It’s all of the previous writers I’ve read and loved. Dorothy Koomson, Pearl Cleage, Lavyrl Spencer, Julie Garwood, Terry McMillan, Janet Evanovich and I could list a whole lot more, but it would take up the whole post. These are the great authors who I stayed up late at night reading long before I decided to write.

EB: What’s the best comment you've ever had about your writing? And the oddest?

NP: My best friend couldn’t stop telling me with awe in her voice how much she enjoyed reading my book, Love Through Time. Every time I see her she mentions it.

The oddest, or rather more interesting was a reviewer who said the dialogue seemed as if my characters were in their twenties rather than thirties. It got me thinking about if our conversations change as we mature as adults.

EB: Good question. I think they do, but that's just me. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

NP: Read, exercise, hang out with my friends, and lots of social media (I’m addicted).

EB: Let’s talk about your latest release, Midwife to Destiny. Where did the idea come from?

NP: I was an observer of an AFRO Romance Competition (where I met Empi)[disclaimer: I did not twist her arms to say that :-), or did I?], and as I read the entries I knew I’d be able to write a romance set in Africa. I wanted it to be set in Ghana because that’s where I live, but I’m not sure how I got to South Africa. I think my muse forced the idea in me.

EB: (shakes head) the things we blame on muses... What was your favourite chapter/part to write and why?

NP: I absolutely adore the prologue where Jason and Ora meet in South Africa. That part of the novel is immensely sweet and we get to tour Cape Town with them, which was fun. Unfortunately Ora also has her first of two “idiot” moments in that scene, but you can’t always tell your characters what to do, can you?

EB: LOL. (Idiot moments). What was your least favourite chapter/part to write and why?

NP: There’s an emotional scene where Ora breaks up with Jason after they get together after three years. My editor had to pull out the emotions from me so I could do justice to the scene. Just like Ora, I don’t do emotions well, but I had to bring it out in her so that the reader could feel her pain.

EB: I know you are big on ‘reasons why’ so here’s your chance to give us three reasons to read your book.


  1. It’s a lovely sweet romance, which will have you engrossed and closing the book with a sigh.
  2. Set in Africa, the reader gets to explore a land they never thought they’d travel to within the context of a good story.
  3. The characters are fabulous. I didn’t want to leave them so I wrote a second book about Esi’s story called Destiny Mine.

 EB: Can you give us a peek inside Midwife to Destiny?


Ghanaian nurse Aurora ‘Ora’ Aikins never expected to find the love of her life while on vacation in South Africa. Engaged to another and believing that love has no place in her life, she returns to Ghana, and puts duty and honor first.

Three years later, Dr. Jason Lartey still can’t get Ora out of his mind or his heart. After learning she never married, he takes a risk and moves to Ghana hoping to rekindle what they started. His sudden appearance in Ora’s Emergency Department sends sparks flying all over again.

They’re in the same country, working in the same hospital, and together but distance creeps between them. Can they make their destined love one for the ages?

Buy Links

Amazon | Decadent |ARe | Barnes & Noble| Smashwords


Ora focused on putting one foot in front of the other as if she were a one-year-old learning how to walk. After turning the corner and seeing the back of his head, she froze. She would know that head anywhere. He’d grown his hair out a little, but his adorable, Will Smith ears gave him away. Initiating the process of pivoting and sprinting out of the ED unnoticed sprang to mind when he turned around and his gaze caught hers.

The air became charged with tension and neither of them moved. Her heart threatened to pop out of her chest with the force of each beat. The nurses stood between them, looking back and forth as if they watched a tennis match. They didn’t bother to hide their expressions of curiosity.

They’d never seen Ora behave in such a manner. Not cool as a cucumber super nurse. Like herself, they kept looking at the new doctor just because of his tall, broad-shouldered, gorgeous stature. The past three years had matured him, adding a few lines around his eyes and the new feature of a goatee with a moustache changed his countenance a little. But otherwise, the same man she’d met three years ago, at least in the physical sense, stood before her.

After an eternity, Ora snapped back to attention. “Akwaaba, Dr. Lartey. Welcome to the ward.” Madam Professional stuck out her hand for a handshake.

Her words seemed to drag him out of his own stupor. “Uh….”

She had rendered the man speechless. Ora’s gracious nature—that’s what she blamed it on, anyway—took pity on him and she touched his shoulder. The contact sent sensual awareness through her and she recoiled her hand.

“Hello, Aurora. Please forgive me. It’s just that I’m a little surprised to see you.”

“Not as much as I am,” she muttered, attempting to squash both the joy bubbling up inside of her at seeing him again and the overwhelming sadness of what she’d been missing for so long.

“Pardon me?” he asked.

“I didn’t expect to see you here. It’s a surprise to me, too.” She tried to smile, but it came out contorted, as if she’d been able to have a painful, rocky bowel movement after being constipated for seven days.

EB: Great excerpt. Love the tension. Okay, now that we've had our excerpt, I'm sure readers would like to know a little bit about the woman behind the writer:

1. Most romantic movie you ever saw?

There are so many, but I’ll choose The Lake House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

2. Most memorable movie quote

“Kiss this, bitch.” Trinity from the Matrix- she’s my girl.

3. Most vivid childhood memory?

Me and my brother hanging on my mother’s extended legs while she sat and scissored them so my brother and I almost crashed into each other. Good times and lots of giggles

4. If you had to choose a soundtrack to your life's movie, which three songs would be the most meaningful?

This one is too hard for me to answer. My life has been so diverse that it’s impossible to choose only three.

5. Five question marathon:

  • Fave thing in your closet: A purple and gold kimono my mother sewed for me.
  • Fave ice-cream flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Coffee vs. tea: Tea
  • Sweet vs sour: Sweet
  • Guilty pleasure: I have no guilt where pleasure is involved *giggle* 

EB: LOL. That means chocolate, people. Thanks for joining me on my blgo today, Nana Prah. Before I forget, a little birdie told me about a give-away...

NP: :-) I’m giving away a $20 Amazon gift card which will run until the end of April. The rafflecopter link is below:


Author Bio – Nana Prah

Nana Prah was born in Ghana, West Africa, raised in the US and currently resides in Ghana where she loves her job as a writer and nurse educator. She has been writing since she can remember (in her journal) and has been an avid reader of romance novels since the eighth grade. She has finally been able to utilize the years and years of inadvertent research into writing her own romance novels where love always conquers all.

Contact Details:

Blog | Twitter: @NanaPrah | Facebook: Nana Prah, Author

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My Writing Process Blog Hop

MWPI’ve been enticed (read: harpooned) into participating in the ‘My Writing Process Blog Hop’, which seeks to introduce you to authors you may not know and gives a little insight into each author's writing process. For that reason, I’ll stick to author friends of mine (I'm pretty sure if I tagged Nora Roberts, she won't play).

Author, Nana Prah, nominated me for this blog hop. I am currently reading her most recent release, Midwife to Destiny, which I’m thoroughly enjoying (don’t forget to drop by on Wednesday for an interview with Nana Prah and a sneak peek into her novel + a chance to win a cool prize).

Okay, so back to the hop: I’m supposed to answer four (simple) questions about my writing, then pay it forward by tagging three authors and linking to their website and/or blog. The three authors will in turn put up a similar post on their blogs next Monday.

Here goes:

1) What am I working on?

I’m working actively on book 2 of the ‘From Ghana with Love’ series, i.e. the sequel to Chancing Faith, currently titled Expecting Ty’s Baby. It is almost completed, so keep your dial tuned in for more information in the coming weeks.

I’m also working book 2 of the ‘Men of Distinction’ series(i.e. sequel to Most Eligible Bachelor), albeit more passively, currently titled Dinner and a Kiss, but still expect to complete this year.

My alter ego is working an erotic romance, which is also almost completed.

What can I say? I can’t work on one thing at a time…

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The truth is most plots out there aren’t original. In fact, I heard or read somewhere that there are really 7 basic plotlines. Every single story you will ever read fits into at least one of these plot lines. So I guess what makes my work different from any other in its genre is the fact that my experiences, beliefs, biases and quirks influence my writing. I write about characters you could fall in love with, situations that could happen to you.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Let me start by asking a question of my own: have you ever witnessed a friend meet the perfect guy/girl and fall in love? It’s a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. You’re ecstatic for your friend even though whatever s/he is going through isn’t happening to you. That’s because love is contagious and transformative. I like to see people find love, and I write romance because in these love stories, you know people who are meant to be will end up together.

4. How does my writing process work?

I don’t really have a writing process. I’ve tried different things at different times. I’m big on taking a common idea and looking at it from a different angle. When you read Chancing Faith, for example, you realise even though my hero is white and my heroine is black, race isn’t the point of the story and doesn’t even feature among their conflicts.

A story can come from anywhere. I may be watching TV, or observing people on the street, or listening to a joke etc., and something pops into my head. Usually, it’s a ‘what-if’ scenario. I tend to stew the idea in my head for a while and judge how excited I am about it. When the story or characters take a hold of my thinking and won’t let go, then I know that’s a story I MUST write.

And, now to select authors to tag:

Kiru Taye: I know Kiru has been tagged already, but as I love her books, I thought I'd tag her too. She writes fantastic historical romances set in pre-colonial Africa, as well as sizzling hot contemporary romances. She knows how to capture a reader's imagination. Definitely a writer you want on your fave list.

Nana MaloneHere's another author whom I admire a lot. She writes sassy contemporary romances, ultra-sexy and fun multicultural romantic comedies, and dark and sexy superhero romances.

Romy Sommer: Romy is a South African author friend who makes fairytales come alive in fun, flirty and wickedly sexy romances with modern day settings.

Remember to check out Nana Prah’s post from last week, and then Kiru Taye's post later today. Don't forget to check out Nana Malone and Romy Sommer's posts next Monday, March 24th (click on their names above to go to their blogs).


MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR (Men of Distinction, #1)

Magazine columnist Chantelle Sah doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day—not since her fianc√©’s betrayal three years ago—and after botching her first assignment as a feature writer, she’s more than willing to put in a hard day’s work this Valentine’s Day; even if it means going on a date with gorgeous construction Tycoon, Lord McKenzie, and opening herself to an onslaught of all things love.

When Lord—his given name, not a title—sets his sights on Chantelle, it isn’t just work he has on his mind. But even he couldn’t have predicted the magnetic attraction between them when they meet, nor the evening ending with more than an interview. Now he has to convince Chantelle that their one-night stand wasn’t a mistake. Can he win her love without revealing a secret from their night of passion, which could prove fatal for both their hearts?


CHANCING FAITH (From Ghana With Love, #1)

He didn’t do short-term relationships…

American ad exec, Thane Aleksander, doesn’t date co-workers either—until business takes him to Ghana, West Africa, and he meets Naaki. Now he’s at risk of breaking all the rules. Can he stop this headlong fall before it’s too late?

Until he met her!

Naaki Tabika has a burning need to prove, to herself and others, that she’s more than wife and mother material. To do so, she’s prepared to give up everything for her job. Meeting Thane, however, makes her want to get personal. But falling for her boss could destroy her career. Will she be willing to risk it all for the one thing that can make her truly happy?

Two divergent cultures, two different races, two career-driven professionals, only one chance at true love—will they find the faith to take it, or will their hearts be sacrificed on the altar of financial success?

BUY: Black Opal Books |Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks |

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My Writing Process Blog Hop

I’ve been enticed into participating in a blog hop that introduces you to authors you may not know and gives a little insight into each author's writing process. For that reason, I will stick to author friends of mine (I'm pretty sure if I tagged Nora Roberts, she won't participate).

Author of two fantastic paranormal romance novels, Debbie Christiana nominated me for this blog hop. Her first novel Twin Flames will forever be on my list of favorite books, her rendition of past lives was amazing. Solstice introduced me to the world of Strega and had me sitting on the edge of my seat with the action sequences.

Here's how it works. I answer four questions about my writing then pay it forward by tagging three authors and link to their website and/or blog.

The three authors I chose are all fabulous, in very different ways.


EmpiBaryeh writes spicy romances set in Ghana. Her books will leave you knowing you have read a great romance. She writes characters I fall in love with.


KiruTaye is a super author. Every five minutes she has a book coming out, and they are wonderful reads. She writes historical and contemporary romances which keep you buying more of her books because they’re so good.


GeorgiaLyn Hunter has written a paranormal romance which blew me away. I keep harassing her for the second book in the series. I thought she was a martial artist because the fight scenes she wrote were right on point. Brilliant.


And now for my questions


1. What am I working on?

To be honest, I’m busy promoting my latest romance, Midwife to Destiny, which has recently been released. It’s a lot of work so I haven’t had much time to write, but book two in the Destiny series is in the works so I’ll be doing some editing on that soon.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Because of each author’s unique background, experiences, and research, even if the story line is the same the novels will be different. The same is true for me. There is no other me in the world, and because of this my novels are different from everyone else. I like to characterize my work as simple, to the point and engaging.


3. Why do I write what I do?

I’m hooked on the happily ever after aspect of romance novels. The ending is predictable, and yet each romance is completely different. Life can be so unstable that sometimes a person wants to escape into a book where the ending is known, but the journey is a roller-coaster ride. I like to provide this for the people who read my books.


4. How does my writing process work?

Out of nowhere I get an idea (this makes me think that muses are real). I sit down and write. I don’t do outlines because I never stick to them. The characters like to drag me kicking and screaming sometimes to where they want to go. Where I want them to go doesn’t matter. I let them have the lead, and so far so good.


Thank you for stopping by and remember to check out Debbie’s post from last week by clicking here and Kiru, Empi, and Georgia’s posts next Monday, March 17th.


The Blurb

Ghanaian nurse Aurora ‘Ora’ Aikins never expected to find the love of her life while on vacation in South Africa. Engaged to another and believing that love has no place in her life, she returns to Ghana, and puts duty and honor first.


Three years later, Dr. Jason Lartey still can’t get Ora out of his mind or his heart. After learning she never married, he takes a risk and moves to Ghana hoping to rekindle what they started. His sudden appearance in Ora’s Emergency Department sends sparks flying all over again.


They’re in the same country, working in the same hospital, and together but distance creeps between them. Can they make their destined love one for the ages?