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A SUITORS & SWEETHEARTS EXCERPT: Most Eligible Bachelor By Empi Baryeh | #AfricanRomance #EmpiBaryeh #Excerpt

In honour of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing an excerpt from my book in the Suitors & Sweethearts African Romance Box Set. What does Most Eligible Bachelor have to do with Valentine's Day? Well... given that the story starts on Valentine's Day, I'd say everything. Enjoy! EXCERPT FROM MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR BY EMPI BARYEH “Hi, Lord, uh, Mr. McKenzie, my name is Chantelle Sah. I’m—” “Hello, Chantelle. What can I do you for?” His voice possessed a rich timbre, which coupled with his choice of words, evoked images of two bodies intertwined in passionate encounters. An unexpected thrill galloped up her spine. Whoa, what the hell was that? Clearly, her self-imposed celibacy could use some reinforcement. She forced a smile, taking a second to compose herself.  “You could grant me an interview.” Good girl. Keep your mind on business . “Did I win something?” “Well, you were voted Most Eligible Bachelor by readers of Odopa magazine.” He gave a soft melodious laugh. “I hate

A SUITORS & SWEETHEARTS EXCERT: Vegas Nights By Unoma Nwankwor | #AfricanRomance #UnomaNwankwor #Excerpt

Have you got your copy of the Suitors & Sweethearts African Romance Box Set yet? Allow me to continue whetting your appetite with more excerpts from the box set. Up next is Vegas Nights By Unoma Nwankwor. Enjoy! EXCERPT FROM VEGAS NIGHTS BY UNOMA NWANKWOR “I said no cheese and no onions!” Darius heard the raspy voice as he walked into the hotel’s restaurant the next morning. His newest luxury hotel had a soft opening two weeks ago, and guests have been arriving by the thousands since then. Later in the evening was the grand opening, so now was not the right time to have dissatisfied customers. “We’re so sorry about that—” “That’s what you said the first time you brought me the omelet with cheese. You went back to fix that and now you’re bringing me the omelet with onions. I told you the first time I didn’t want either in my omelet.” Darius stood against the table in the back as he noticed the two women. He was walking over to diffuse the situation, but something in that sultry tone

A SUITORS & SWEETHEARTS EXCERT: Bound to Fate by Kiru Taye | #AfricanRomance #KiruTaye #Excerpt

The Suitors & Sweethearts African Romance Box Set is out! I'm continuing the celebration with excerpts from each book in the box set. So, I’m starting you off with the first story in the boxset - Bound to Fate by Kiru Taye. I hope you enjoy the teaser. EXCERPT FROM BOUND TO FATE BY KIRU TAYE Have you got two minutes?” Olu poked his head into Ike’s office. “Sure.” Ike stood up and grabbed his jacket from the back of his leather armchair. “I was just heading out for a meeting. We can walk and talk.” “Good,” Olu said as Ike headed towards him and shut the door after he’d exited the room. “I just wanted to let you know we’ve recruited the final member of the Baytown project. I just finished the interview.” “That’s a quick decision.” “She is the best of the candidates we’ve seen and will make a good fit to the team. I didn’t see the point in holding off any longer.” “Great. Well done. I’m keen to get the ball rolling on this project. I presume Jane’s already onto HR about the contra

New Release: Suitors & Sweethearts: An African Romance Box Set | #AfricanRomance #Giveaway

Suitors & Sweethearts: An African Romance Box Set It's here people, it's here! Suitors & Sweethearts: An African Romance Box Set is out today. If you  pre-ordered, it's in your e-reader already. If not, grab your copy today. Can you tell, I'm excited?  ūü§≠ PS. Scroll all the way down to enter the giveaway fir a chance to win 1 limited edition paperback of Suitors & Sweethearts! Publication date: February 7th 2023 Genres : Adult, Contemporary, Romance Tropes: second chance romance, forbidden love, one-night stand, rockstar romance, and billionaires.  BOUND TO FATE by Kiru Taye All Ike wants to do is to keep out of trouble and get through the one-year internship required for his degree program. But trouble finds him, in the form of the intelligent and brave Lara who turns his world upside down. Falling in love is forbidden. So why does it feel so right? Love like theirs cannot be denied. But catastrophe lies in wait and one-night changes their lives f