Friday, 25 November 2016

Color of Love Blog Hop 2016 #coloroflovehop #CoLHop @kirutaye @empibaryeh @nanaprah

The Color of Love Hop is here again! We have 44+ blogs joining us to celebrate diversity in romance. Plus, there are over $300 worth of prizes to be won! Translation: this hop is going to be HUGE.

In the spirit of celebrating multicultural romance, here's a snippet from a WIP, currently titled Expecting Ty's Baby (From Ghana With Love #2)

Twenty-four hours after their conversation, Ty still felt the sting of Patricia’s words. Each one gutting him like a lance through his chest, segueing into a need to prove her wrong, to force her to see him not as part of a collective but as a man apart. But to what end? He had no clue, so he’d bottled it in and zipped his mouth shut. Then spent the rest of the evening resisting the urge to reacquaint himself with her lips.

Stepping through the doors of the restaurant where he was supposed to have dinner with her and the rest of the bridal party, Ty prepared for more of the same. Thankfully, others’ presence should make this a much easier task than last night. A glance at his watch told him he’d made it with only five minutes to spare, which meant he was probably the last to arrive.

He stopped at the reception about to ask after his friends when he saw Patricia. Across the room, she sat facing the entrance browsing through what he assumed was the menu. Thane and Naaki were not with her.

“May I help you find a table, sir?” the receptionist asked, her customer service smile firmly in place.
“Thank you, but I found my table.”

“Very well, sir. Enjoy your dinner.”
He mumbled a thank you as his mind fished out an unsolicited memory of Patricia eating. The corners of his lips twitched. He’d definitely enjoy that, but the ensuing R-rated thoughts would guarantee a less than comfortable dinner.

He’d psyched himself for it. Or so he’d thought before Patricia looked up and every resolve he’d built up over the past twenty-four hours vaporized. The impact of her gaze was like having every one of her manicured nails raking down his back. Lord, have mercy. He needed to sit before the desire tightening in his groin made a mockery of his resolution to not proposition her.
End of snippet

If you liked this piece, check out book one of the series, Chancing Faith, which is in print, kindle and audio.

On to the  hop. To stand a chance of winning any of our grand prizes, remember to enter into the rafflecopter:

1st prize $75 GC + 7 ebooks
2nd prize $50 GC + 7 ebooks
3rd prize $30 GC + 7 ebooks
4th prize $15 GC + 7 ebooks
5th prize $10 GC + 7 ebooks
6th prize $5 GC + 7 ebooks

In addition, I'm giving away a $5 Amazon GC, to one lucky commenter. Just tell me about the last (good) IR/MC book you read. This leads me to my second prize. I will pick one of the suggested books to read and review.

For a chance to win any of the above grand prize packages, don't forget to enter to rafflecopter
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Here's a list of the books that are up for grabs:

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Book Review: Love to Believe by Lisa Ricard Claro

Love to Believe by Lisa Ricard Claro is book 2 of the Fireflies series, so after I read - and enjoyed - Book 1 (A Love Built to Last), naturally I had to read the next in line.

Here's a blurb
A woman in a man’s world… 

CPA Rebecca Walker wields a hammer and saw with skill, but it’s like fighting tooth and nail to prove to her chauvinistic father that she’s capable of managing the family construction business. Romance is a luxury Rebecca can’t afford.

A man with secrets…

Thanks to his past, romance isn’t in Sean Kinkaid’s future, so when Rebecca proposes ‘friends with benefits,’ Sean agrees. It’s the perfect scenario until love sneaks in—and Sean’s secrets tear them apart.


But Rebecca has a secret too, one she fears Sean will never accept. It will take intervention from an unlikely source to convince these two lovers they have the one thing neither of them ever expected to find…a love to believe.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Prah, Constantine & Baryeh Reviews: His Halloween Kisses by Kathy Bosman #PrahConstantineAndBaryehReviews

So for Halloween month, we went with the season and read a Halloween themed romance, His Halloween Kisses by Kathy Bosman.

Here's the blurb
Ali’s never been so scared. She’s housesitting for a colleague on Halloween night, but the lights have gone out, and terrible noises and crashes send her imagination into overdrive. When her brother’s friend comes to her rescue, he kisses her in the dark three times. Once back in the light, Ali is embarrassed at allowing him to kiss her. Byron tries to ignore his strong attraction for Ali, especially seeing he’s not ready for a relationship. When Ali finds out why, she runs away, but life has other plans. What can bring them together? Fate, faith, or the memory of his Halloween kisses?