Sunday, 15 April 2018

I trust you #SexySnippet from Forest Girl by Empi Baryeh @empibaryeh

Hello, folks! I'm back on the sexy snippet train with more for you from, FOREST GIRL. This will be my last snippet from this book for a few weeks. Don't worry, I'll pop in with snippets from my WIP.

Here you go:

“I trust you.” 
With those words, she sealed his fate. He kissed her again, slipping a finger into her heat, coaxing her body to relax. His patience was rewarded, and she began to move her pelvis in rhythm with his finger. 
When he rose over her again, replacing his digit with his manhood, her body’s resistance gave way, and he found himself inside her. He shuddered as her body moulded tightly around him. 
His heart soared. It was as if her body had just approved and she’d welcomed him at last—all of him.

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Here's the blurb to give you some background:

Esi Afriyie has been in love with Michael Yaw Badu since childhood. When he receives a scholarship to study in America, all hope seems lost ... until he returns to Ghana ten years later. An arranged marriage contracted by their families makes her dreams come true, but does the reality of being Mrs. Michael Badu live up to the fantasy?

Michael may have married Esi, but he is in love with someone else—Forest Girl, a mystery woman he encountered just once in the forest. His heart belongs to her, and he doesn't need his beautiful wife awakening his carnal desires. He is even willing to sacrifice his marriage for another encounter with Forest Girl.

Reality is not what either Esi or Michael imagined. Esi is disillusioned; Michael feels trapped.

Will Michael give in and allow his heart to discover a love that was always meant to be, before it's too late? 

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