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#BookReview: Stranded on Vail Mountain (Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 1) by Desiree L. Scott – #ActionAndAdventure, #Romance, #MysteryThriller, #Suspense

Stranded on Vail Mountain (Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 1)Stranded on Vail Mountain by Desiree L. Scott

It was supposed to be a vacation, a time to save her marriage, but what Joan Clayton hadn’t counted on was Murphy’s Law of Vail Mountain and the secrets that had damaged her marriage beyond repair. It was over. Depressed and angry, she decided to venture directly into an oncoming snowstorm, one that would be known as the blizzard of the century. 

Stephen Brockheart received the call concerning a missing tourist after working 26 hours straight. A park ranger for the mountain resort, he set out on the routine mission, knowing he was running out of time as the blizzard hit with visibility zero. What he hadn’t counted on was saving a beautiful woman and falling for her, a city girl who knew nothing about the dangers of the mountain. He had been there before and vowed never to return. 

As Mother Nature raged, Joan was soon overcome by the feelings a complete stranger evoked in her, causing her to reevaluate her own life. Through the blizzard and stranded at the resort, death was imminent for any who would try to leave. Despite loss and secrets, can two people find love and happiness again? 

Can they be given a second chance to make it real and lasting, or will that chance die with them?


The story begins with the hero, Stephen, receiving a call concerning a missing tourist during a blizzard. He’s just pulled a 26-hour shift and is not in the mood to deal with idiots--because only an idiot would go out in a blizzard. However, his encounter with Joan makes him realise there is far more to the woman than his pre-conceived notion.

As two people who have been hurt by love, they find a connection that is too strong to ignore.
This was a short story. I wish it had been longer, which would have allowed us to interact more with the main characters. There were also issues of loyalty, friendship and betrayal that would have been great to explore further. However, the writer’s style is easy to digest, and she is able to bring an adequate depth to the hero and heroine despite the length of the story.

The first kiss was very sweet, with just the right amount of emotion. I was disappointed to encounter closed-door sex. I think the author could have opened the door and given it the same sweetness and emotion that characterised the first kiss.

Lovers of sweet romance will like this. For lovers of steamy romance, this story offers a pallet-cleansing quickie.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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