#BookReview: The Senator's Daugther by Amaka Azie @AmakaAzie

Rita the only daughter of billionaire, Senator Obaseki, hides behind her reputation as a spoilt wealthy heiress with no ambition to cover up a painful past.

Former soldier Nosa Edosa, believes the Senator to be the epitome of greed and political corruption. Failing to bring him to justice through legal means, his last-ditch effort involves kidnapping the man's daughter. 

The plan is simple, the execution flawless ... until love gets involved. 

Neither Rita nor Nosa are what they seem, and as they discover themselves in this quest to right her family's wrongs, they suddenly have something too precious to lose-their hearts. 

Experience the thrills of Nigerian politics, sizzling romance, and perilous suspense in this action-packed love story by Amaka Azie

Let me start by saying I really enjoyed this story! A perfect kidnap plan goes all wrong when the victim turns out to be the kidnappers perfect mate. The characters were likable, empathetic and well-rounded. 

The Senator's Daughter takes very real issues in Nigerian/West African society and politics and weaves them neatly into this tale of love, loyalty, suspense and intrigue. The romance between Nosa and Rita starts slowly and builds up to a satisfying and sensual peak.

I was pleasantly surprised by the villain's motive and rooted for him to get redemption. There were a couple of other surprises that you'll enjoy. As an African, I found the characters and setting wonderfully authentic.

Highly recommended


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