#BookReview: Destiny Awakened by @NanaPrah


After enduring a traumatic event as a child, Gloria Anokye isn’t sure she’ll ever be enough for any man. With no other option, she entrusts her romantic future into the hands of Esi, midwife-turned-matchmaker. In the meantime, the one guy she’s ever desired has the power to destroy her newfound career as a wedding planner.

Kamal Lawrence has less than six weeks to plan his sister’s wedding. With the help of a wedding planner, they might be able to pull off the best wedding Ghana has ever seen. The trick is to fight off the attraction exploding between them. Once Kamal realizes there’s no way he can or will be able to stay away from Gloria, he plans his seduction.

Will she fall into his arms or keep it strictly professional?


Destiny Awakened is Book four in the Destiny series by Nana Prah. I love the series because of the setting and the strong women. This one treats a very important issue about women's sexuality - FGM. A victim of FGM, the heroine, Gloria, has led a life of repression. Confident and outspoken in most other aspects of her life, she yearns for a happy relationship with a man - possibly marriage. 

Kamal Lawrence walks into her office and asks her to help him plan his sister's wedding. He evokes sensual feelings and urges she'd never experienced. The story takes us through Gloria's journey of self-discovery and acceptance of her sexuality. 

The storytelling was great and I loved that the heroine wasn't some poor African girl being rescued by the hero. The characters were well-rounded and the dialogue flowed. It was nice to see characters from the previous books feature in this one. Nana Prah is good at creating sweet moments that make a reader's heart flutter, and this story had a few of those.

There were a couple of things that didn't quite work for me. The hero had an aversion to Ghanaian women in general, and I found it hard to buy into his justification for blacklisting this particular group of women. Also, while I empathised with the heroine and the trauma she endured as a child, I couldn't connect with her (or the hero for that matter).

Overall, this is a good read and a strong addition to the series. Recommended for those who like sweet romance and strong heroines.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily posted a review

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