Friday, 1 March 2019

Olive-green eyes held her captive | #LAPLoveNotes #Romance @EmpiBaryeh

Happy Friday! it's #LoveNotes day again, and I'm sharing another snippet Mr Hot Mocha Perfection, which is featured in the Be My Valentine Anthology from Love Africa Press. In this snippet, my heroine has her second encounter of the day with my hero and discovers who he is! 😊

Happy reading!

Mr Hot Mocha Perfection © Empi Baryeh 2019

Ama’s eyes widened, and her heartbeat faltered as olive-green eyes held her captive. This was Professor Adinkra Kusi-Andoh? She blinked, expecting to discover she’d imagined Mr. Hot Mocha Perfection, and that the new professor of ‘Greek in the Twenty-First Century’ was instead some old coot nearing retirement.
He smiled, and her breath caught. An odd yearning unfurled in her abdomen, invoking the same sensation of need that had compelled her to follow him earlier—one that had left her inexplicably giddy and hopeful. Of what, exactly, she didn’t know, but her mind had dreamt up many heart-fluttering scenarios of their second meeting and what she’d say to him if they ever did meet—though she hadn’t actually expected to see him again.
Being his student hadn’t crossed her mind.


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Find out more about the book, keep reading. 


Be My Valentine - A Love Africa Press Collection (Volume One)

Tagline: Life is beautiful especially when you're in love.
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