Friday, 29 March 2019

#BookReview: Princess of Zamibia (Royal Brides, 1) by Delaney Diamond

I continue with my excursion into the world of royal romance with Princess of Zamibia by Delaney Diamond

“Live in the moment with me.” 

That’s what he asked Dahlia to do, and she did, because after a near death experience, her motto was to live life to the fullest. She gave him everything. Her body. Her heart. Then it all came to an abrupt end. She didn’t anticipate he wouldn’t trust her. She didn’t anticipate she couldn’t trust him. 

He wants his son. 

Three years later, Prince Kofi returns and he’s not the same man. He’s bitter and angry and knows he has a son. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring his heir back to Zamibia, even if it means marrying the woman he believes betrayed him. 

Dahlia must now raise her son in a culture she doesn’t fully understand, but when a nightmare strikes the royal family, will it bring her and Kofi closer together, or tear them apart for good?

Rating: 4.5 stars!

The story starts with Prince Kofi's discovery of a son he never knew about and his decision to take his child back to his country. As crown prince, his son is in line for the throne and should not be denied this right. Kofi is harsh with Dahlia whom he believes has been deliberately dishonest in keeping the truth from him. It doesn't help that their break-up three years ago was hinged on a crime he accuses her of.

Kofi was a little too arrogant for my liking. Usually some major grovelling is needed for heroes like that to win me over. I didn't get that, although Ms Diamond does a great job of showing us that our hero has eyes only for the heroine. There were a couple of things the hero did that were clearly influenced by the heroine, which was also great. The chemistry between Kofi and Dahlia is strong, and the addition of Noel is the icing on the cake.

Although they started out fighting, it was clear Kofi and Dahlia never stopped loving each other. I liked the fact that they were both willing to admit their feelings early in the story, which made their romance sweeter. 

There were elements of suspense in the story. The villain wasn't a huge surprise, but this person's motivation was something I didn't anticipate. I like how that was done. I also had fun reading Prince Kofi's dialogue in a Hollywood African accent (yes, I'm weird like that).

That said, I felt the story spent too much time delving into the setting, culture and politics of Zamibia. Yes, it was important to show Dahlia immersing herself into her new home, and to learn about Zamibia through her eyes. However, the amount of time spent on it took away from the romance for me.  I wanted to see more of Kofi and Dahlia together on the page as a couple.

Kofi had an erroneous belief about Dahlia from three years before, which played a major role in their break-up. Although this is somewhat resolved, I was not satisfied with the 'how'. It seemed as if he just got up one day and changed his mind - something he could have done three years ago, so why now?

The name of the country was also a minor cause of confusion as I kept reading it as Zambia instead of Zamibia. 

I enjoyed Ms Diamond's writing and would definitely be checking out more of her work. I'm particularly excited about the next installment in the series.

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