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He never dated any woman twice | Expecting Ty's Baby @empibaryeh #Excerpt #Teaser #AAromance

Hello there and thanks for visiting. I'm sharing another excerpt from Chapter one of Expecting Ty's Baby. This follows from last week's post. If you missed you my last two excerpts, you might want to read then before embarking on part 3.

EXPECTING TY'S BABY © by Empi Baryeh 2019
(Chapter 1: Part 4)
He’d been just in time to see Patricia walk into the main reception, an African goddess, her skin a flawless cocoa brown much darker than his caramel complexion. High heels added a couple of inches to her five-seven frame. She’d been wearing skinny jeans and a fashionable blouse made from African print fabric. Slung over one shoulder was a handbag, and in her other hand she held, of all things, a silver toolbox. His curiosity aroused, he’d lingered at the entryway.
She’d flashed an even set of pearly whites at the receptionist and asked for Naaki, whom he’d had the pleasure of teasing his best friend about a few times before. Moments later, when the two friends hugged, Ty had still been watching, unable to will his legs to move him past the spot where he stood. He’d also guessed Naaki would take her visitor to her work area in the general office, which meant they’d have to walk past him. Although, he’d only known her a couple days, he’d sensed Naaki to be too polite to pass by him without introducing her friend, so he’d casually slipped a hand into his pocket and waited.
The sound of a horn blaring yanked him out of his thoughts and he swore, realizing he’d drifted off again. Whipping out his cell phone, he made a mental note to get a local line, since the wedding was six weeks away, and using his US phone for a month and a half would be expensive and even impossible at times.
He dialed Thane’s number.
“Hey, buddy,” Ty said when the call went through. “You don’t happen to be with your bride-to-be, do you?”
Thane’s chuckle drifted across the line. “You tried to find her on your own, didn’t you?”
Ty grimaced, and gave Thane a moment to have a laugh at his expense.
“What did I tell you?” Thane asked.
Don’t go on any bold expeditions. Ty hadn’t forgotten. He’d just been so sure he’d make it to his destination without trouble, so he hadn’t called to ask Patricia to meet him at the hotel as his friend had advised. He’d wanted to surprise her.
Still, he refused to admit his error—unless he really had to. “Before you think of making me beg, bro, just remember I’m your best man and I could—”
“Wow, even with your hands tied behind your back, you’re threatening me.” Thane laughed. “But you win. Naaki won’t forgive me if I let you do anything to ruin our wedding.”
Before Ty could think of an appropriate response, another voice drifted across the line in the background—a female. Naaki. He breathed out in relief when he heard a rustling sound suggesting the phone had changed hands.
“Hello, Ty.” He could hear the smile in Naaki’s voice. “What’s this I hear about you ruining the wedding?”
“Just trying to get you on the phone, Naaki,” he said with a smile of his own, hoping he sounded apologetic enough.
After a few more pleasantries, he explained his situation to Naaki, and as he listened to her instructions, it became clear where he’d gone wrong. He thanked her and spoke with Thane briefly again before clicking off.
Armed with the new directions, he found himself on the right street within seven minutes. The house, a one-story structure, looked like many of the buildings in the vicinity, the top part being residential with the bottom floor reserved for commercial purposes. In Patricia’s case the space below the one-bedroom apartment had been empty, the shop which had previously been there having gone out of business a few months back.
It had been locked up at the time of his last visit, with old newspapers covering its glass front. Today, though the paper remained, some parts no longer sticking to the glass, the door lay open. New owner, he guessed, immediately dismissing it from his mind. He had better things to think about.
He’d almost bypassed the entrance on his way to the side gate that would grant him access to the staircase leading upstairs when a movement in his peripheral vision made him turn. He stopped short at the sight meeting his gaze. Patricia?
His pulse kicked up a notch, and he had to hold in a breath for a few seconds to steady his heart. Ridiculous, he told himself, hesitating for a moment. He didn’t do this. He didn’t go back, never dated any woman twice. His policy had always been to keep his relationships short, sweet, and noncommittal. Once it was over, it was over. Like the first time with Patricia—the rules had been simple and his return to the US put a distance between them, ensuring the permanency of their goodbye.
He continued to watch her tap away at her computer, oblivious to his presence. She sat with her back to him, her long braids held up in a way that displayed her graceful neck. He could hear music, an eighties hit he suspected was streaming from the laptop which claimed her full attention.
He didn’t do this, but here he stood, and truth be told, he wouldn’t mind spending another week with her.
Or maybe six.
Finally, he crossed the threshold.
“Hello, Trish.”

So that's the end of Chapter 1. I hope you enjoyed the read. Leave me a comment.

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