Friday, 5 April 2019

What was India up to? | His Inherited Princess by @EmpiBaryeh | #LAPLoveNotes #Romance #AfricanRoyals

Welcome to this week's #LAPLoveNotes where writers share teasers from the work-in-progress or published stories. If you're a writer and want to join in the fun, add the link to your post HERE.

This week's teaser is from one of my favourite scenes in His Inherited Princess.

Omar had no idea how he’d managed to leave a naked India on the bed and make his way to the living room where he now stood nursing the sting of her rejection—the cherry on top of the cake of a failed day.
He was no closer to avenging his brother, and he’d still not found a viable way of preventing his uncle from challenging him for the throne. Not unless he slept with India. Finding out she’d rather satisfy her needs with a toy than ask him cut deeper than his other failures.
And that damned tape kept echoing in his head. What was India up to?

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