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Thank God restaurants didn’t set tables for one | Mr Hot Mocha Perfection by @EmpiBaryeh #LAPLoveNotes #Romance @EmpiBaryeh

Happy Saturday and welcome to #LoveNotes. I'm sharing another snippet from Mr Hot Mocha Perfection, which is featured in the Be My Valentine Anthology from Love Africa Press.

This snippet continues from last week's excerpt. My hero, Adinkra, decides to invite himself to my heroine's table for lunch. Smooth moves. 😊

Happy reading!

Mr Hot Mocha Perfection © Empi Baryeh 2019

She was doing a crossword puzzle in the magazine, Adinkra noted upon reaching the table. It appeared she hadn’t noticed his presence.
“Hi,” he said.
She raised her head and met his gaze. He didn’t miss the sharp intake of breath as recognition poured into her brown eyes. Even without the benefit of touch, awareness sizzled between them, and once again, he had to close his mind to the intimate images forming in his head.
She offered a tentative smile. “Hello, Prof—uh…Adinkra.”
God, his name sounded so good on her lips, he had to force himself not to think about all the things he could do to make her say it again and again.
He nodded towards the empty seat opposite her. Thank God restaurants didn’t set tables for one. “May I join you?”


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. To find out more about the book, keep reading.


Be My Valentine - A Love Africa Press Collection (Volume One)

Tagline: Life is beautiful especially when you're in love.

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Mr Hot Mocha Perfection by Empi Baryeh

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