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#BookReview | Bound to Favor by Kiru Taye | @KiruTaye #BoundSeries


Kamali Danladi has sworn never to get married again. But his meddling mother is bent on hitching him to any eligible female that comes along to the next family gathering. There's only one thing for it. Get fake-hitched to his executive assistant. If anyone is more averse to marriage than he is, it's her. So they'll be perfect together. Or at least, they'll fake perfect together.

Ebun Forson doesn't do families. She certainly doesn't do festivities. So when she has to spend a week playing fiancée to her boss, how is she going to cope with the extensive Danladi kinsfolk without breaking out in hives? Her next shopping trip funded by the bonus he's giving her should more than make up for the inconvenience.

However, she soon finds the real threat is to her heart. The dark and intense Kamali behaves as if he sees through to her soul, making her almost forget that this is all an act. In any case, someone with a past like hers doesn’t deserve a happy ever after, surely.

Bound to Favor is a story about learning to heal from emotional pain and finding love in the most unexpected places.


This is book 4 in the Bound series by Kiru Taye. Having read two of the preceding books, I was eager to get my hands on this one.

Abandoned by her father, Ebun is a woman who's been forced to live with feelings of lack of self-worth. She's spent her life as if on the outside looking in, especially when it comes to pining for her boss. Fate intervenes when said boss makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Except that love gets in the way. Despite some hot sex scenes, Kamali and Ebun's romance is sweet. For fans of the series, this story thrusts us further into the Danladi clan and we see more of the family dynamics and history.

Kamali is proud and principled (and old-fashioned) to a fault, which makes it so significant when his love for Ebun is tested in the most heartbreaking way. He learns to rise above his pride and pain to claim his woman and heal her with his love. He's easily one of my favourite heroes in the series.

My main issue with this story was that the aftermath of a trauma the heroine had endured wasn't fully dealt with (explaining will involve spoilers #sorrynotsorry).

That said, I enjoyed this story very much. Both main and secondary characters are strong. I hope Ebun's brother gets a story.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book; this review is voluntary and entirely my personal opinion of the book

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