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Review: Princess of Estoria by Delaney Diamond | #RoyalBrides

Princess of Estoria (Royal Brides #2)
Inspired by current events.

Angela Lipscomb is flattered when Prince Andres of Estoria expresses interest in her, but she’s not looking for love. Not with a demanding career that takes all of her time and vivid memories of the pain caused by a broken heart. But their attraction is too strong to resist, and soon she’s convinced that an international fling couldn’t possibly hurt…could it?

Prince Andres is incapable of taking no for an answer. The playboy prince has set his sights on Angela, and neither the vastness of the ocean nor the distance of continents will keep him away. But when reality steps in, he’s forced to make a tough decision. Can their relationship work? Or are they better off apart?

Angela meets Andres at the wedding of her best friend (Dahlia, heroine from Princess of Zamibia). It's clear from the first meet that the attraction is mutual. After a romantic evening together, Andres wasn't ready to let go. Angela on the other hand had her reasons for not wanting to date such a public person. Andres took the necessary actions to quell her fears. He was the kind of alpha male I like. I loved Andres! He did do/say one stupid romance hero thing, but it's romance so...

The story dealt with racism, which is a relevant topic at the moment. It got enough page space without overshadowing the romance, which was great. I was also satisfied with how it was wrapped up.

Overall, this was a fairly standard royal romance plot. The trick was in the execution. Ms Diamond's writing shone through in this story and made reading it a delight.

If you like royal and/or billionaire romance and/or alpha male heroes, then you'll definitely enjoy this book. Read it.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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