Friday, 17 April 2020

#BookReview: Path to Passion (The Astacios book 2) by Nana Prah

The man who broke her heart…

Is the man she now needs more than ever!

Heir to his family’s global empire, branding genius Miguel Astacio turns everything into marketing gold. Only his best friend’s sister seems immune to his magic touch. Until Tanya Carrington comes to him to save her floundering nightclub. Miguel is ready to rectify past mistakes. But will his supreme sacrifice win the heart of the woman he loves?

Path to Passion is not quite a second chance romance as the main characters never dated. However, it is clear from the start that they liked each other back in college and neither got over their falling out. 

Recently divorced Tanya only wants Miguel's marketing expertise to save her fledgling business she inherited after the divorce. The fact that he's grown into an even better man than the one she knew all those years ago doesn't help. As they work together, falling back in love is inevitable. 

The heroine wasn't exactly what I expected from Nana Prah. Yes, she was competent and stubborn, but she did some typical romance heroine things that made me roll me eyes. I got frustrated with her as she kept going back to the same fears and arguments. It felt repetitive (like, are back to this? Really?), though intellectually I understood her issues.  

I liked Miguel's honesty, owning up to who he was back in college and who he is now. His reason for breaking her heart in the past is explained satisfactorily. 

The romance was sweet, their passion sizzled, and I was happy to root for their happy ending

This  is book 2 in the Astacios series, and it was really nice to see the main characters from book 1 here. The hero of book 3 also makes an appearance, and I look forward to his story.

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