Tuesday, 27 August 2019

#TeaserTuesday: Was this a date, or just an outing | #Excerpt from Mr Hot Mocha Perfection | #LAPBeMyValentine

"Eight out of ten women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything that they need to know about the relationship.” ~ Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Hitch [2005])
One of the things I look forward to when I start a romance novel is the first kiss. I love LOVE them.
Today, I'm sharing one of my favourite scenes in a movie that talks about first kisses. If you haven't already guessed, it's Hitch (2005).

And on that note, I'd like to share the first kiss from my novella, Mr Hot Mocha Perfection, which is one of 5 great love stories in the Be My Valentine anthology. I think my hero nailed. Won't you say?

Here's some background. My hero, Adinkra, asks the heroine, Ama, out on Valentine's day. To alleviate any nervousness because he doesn't want her to feel pressured, he tells her if they have a good time, then it can be a date. If not, then it will be just an outing. This scene happens after said date when he drops her off at her hostel (Did I mention he's a professor and she's student? 😊)

“Thank you for a wonderful evening.” She tried injecting as much enthusiasm into her voice as possible.

“It was my pleasure.” He stared at her for several seconds. “So, was this a date, or just an outing?”

Several seconds passed. They felt like a lifetime. His heart thumped as if he’d just completed a two-hundred-meter race.

She broke into a smile that seemed to light up the darkness surrounding them. “It was a date.”

He released a breath and stepped forward, bringing the distance between them to a foot or two. He figured he still needed to proceed with caution and not assume she wanted a kiss just because she’d enjoyed the time spent with him. To his delight, she made the final move, closing the distance between them.

Knowing they were on the same page, he cupped her face as he’d been dying to do since forever. For a few seconds, he stared into her eyes, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs, savouring the moment. Finally, he dipped his head and brushed his lips against hers, then gave her an exploratory nibble.

She had the sweetest lips he’d ever tasted. Soft, supple, intoxicating. She leaned in, kissing him back, demanding more. With a groan, he tipped her head back to gain more access. Their tongues touched and mated briefly before he forced himself to pull away.
 I hope you enjoyed the read. Leave me a comment about the best first kiss you've read, had, or seen in a movie. Go!

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