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#Review: Seducing the Billionaire (The Blue Room Series, #1) by J. M. Stewart

Seducing the Billionaire (The Blue Room Series, #1)Seducing the Billionaire by J.M. Stewart

When her ex leaves her with a wounded ego, curvy tech writer Jenna Mancini sets out to prove to herself that she's just as sexy as any size six. With an invitation to Seattle’s hottest new club, a place that promises no risk, no commitment, no holds barred, she sets her sights on the one man who can help her test her theory—the only man at a sex club who doesn’t participate.

Billionaire Hunter Thane has a secret only a select few know: a fear of being touched. A rough childhood has left him scarred, inside and out, and he’s resigned himself to a life alone. So while he can’t deny he finds Jenna incredibly sexy, he’s determined to save her from the disappointment of an encounter with him.

Jenna is every bit as determined to push all his hot buttons and see if she can crush his iron-clad will…

Jenna and Hunter meet in a sex club. Yea, that caught my attention when I read the blurb. Both have personal baggage relating to their bodies, which helps them to connect and recognise each others' fears.

Hunter is not your usual billionaire romance hero, in that he isn't the arrogant, self-centered type. I found him very likable especially when he set out to dispel the negative notions she had about her body owing to her ex-boyfriend. As their mutual attraction and emotions grow, they both learn to trust and build each other up. In the end, they find happiness they hadn't expected.

I enjoyed the romance between Jenna and Hunter. Despite the fact that the story starts out in a sex club, the story is more sensual than erotic.

I also liked the secondary characters, especially Hunter's friends whom I gather are all going to be heroes of their own stories in this series.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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