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Simone Brooks and Cameron Bennett should not be together. She’s a wealthy socialite looking for a suitable husband. A man with the right pedigree and an economic status that matches her own. He’s part owner of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta with his siblings. Someone who loves cooking, the outdoors, and women, not necessarily in that order.

After one night together, their sizzling chemistry makes it difficult to stay away. Then comes the hard part—navigating their differences to salvage a relationship that, while it may be imperfect, overflows with love and passion.

This book was previously part of The Bennett Triplets series.

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As far as Sylvie Johnson is concerned, her ex-husband used her and left her and she cannot stand the sight of him. Fifteen years after their divorce, her feelings haven’t changed. She wants nothing to do with him—no matter what her beating heart suggests.

Oscar Brooks has always assumed that his ex-wife hates him, but after an unplanned kiss, he’s not so sure. Why does she always have such a hostile response to his presence? Is it love, or is it hate? He’s determined to find out.
This is a short story.
She’s devoted to her daughters.
Years ago, when her cheating husband left, Ella Brooks realized how much she’d changed and wasn’t sure how to get back to the woman she used to be. When she meets Tyrone Evers, the last thing she’s looking for is another relationship, but it turns out that the police detective is just too tempting to resist.

He’s devoted to his job.
Tyrone meets Ella when he’s investigating a break-in at her home, but ends up paying more attention to the wealthy socialite’s case, and her, than normal. After his wife cheated on him, he’s not looking for romance, he’s not looking for commitment, and he’s definitely not looking for love. But you don’t have to be looking for any of those things for them to find you.

And when life gives you a second chance, do you take it or run for cover?

He's an introvert. She's an extrovert.
He's celibate. She's...not.
What could possibly go wrong?

It started with a little white lie...
Lindsay Winthrop's weekly podcast on sex and dating has garnered thousands of listeners across the country, thanks to experience with a loving fiancé she's been with for years. Except, her husband-to-be doesn't exist, and now she's in a bind. With a book deal on the line, she has to find a man fast, and Malik Brooks might be just the man she's looking for.

If he knows what's good for him, he'll stay away from her...
A few years ago Malik gave up sex and now works hard as a metal sculptor. In doing so, he's created enough pieces to fill a gallery, and his vow of celibacy has kept him focused. When a major deal falls through, Lindsay makes him an offer he can't refuse, and all he has to do is pretend to be her fiancé. Sounds easy at first, but after one kiss, he wants more. Then things really get interesting.

Two nights. One undeniable attraction.

To prove to his mother that he can be responsible, Stephan Brooks takes a job at her firm and promises to be a better son. But one glimpse of Roselle Parker, her up-and-coming protégé, and all his good intentions disappear. All he has to do is conduct himself in a professional manner, but a trip to Paris with Roselle proves too big of a temptation.

Roselle knows Stephan Brooks is nothing but trouble. She’s heard the stories, and her brief contact with him confirms they’re all true. But two nights in Paris and her inhibitions crumble beneath his seductive touch. They plan to leave what happened in Paris, in Paris. But the best-laid plans often go awry.



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    One of his favorite things to do was go to the record store and browse the stacks. Not only did he find other enthusiasts with whom he talked shop, but many unknown artists in the vinyl age made great music. When the digital age came along, they didn’t all make the leap, and countless times he’d found hidden gems to add to his collection.
    “I’m not knocking your old records, but surely you’ve heard of music streaming services. They’re all the rage now,” she quipped.
    “Oh, so you got jokes.”
    “I’m just saying.”
    She shrugged with one shoulder and sent him a cute little smile before diving back into the collection. The way she angled her body over the crates made him tilt his head and imagine what he could do to her once he got her naked.
    “You’re a blues man. I see the old greats—B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson. Wow.” She continued flipping. “And names I don’t recognize. Do you only listen to blues?”
    “Mostly blues. Some old rock, disco, etcetera. Everything’s all mixed in,” Cameron replied, his gaze trailing down the curve in her spine, over her bottom, and lower to her shapely calves.
    “No cell phone. An old record player and records. You’re an old soul, Cameron Bennett.”
    He lifted his gaze to hers and laughed. “You say I’m an old soul. My family says I’m stubborn.”
    “Well, they know you better than I do. Are you stubborn?”
    “Pretty much. I like what I like, and I’m not easily distracted by every new and shiny thing.”
    “That’s a good trait to have,” she said quietly. “Mind if I put on one of the records?”
    “Not at all.”
    She pulled one of the disks from its sleeve and placed it on the turntable. The sound of an electric guitar crackled through the old speakers as “Rock Me Baby,” by B.B. King started.
    “That’s good music right there,” Cameron said.
    He left her and went into the kitchen, where steel dominated the decor. Light glinted off the steel appliances and steel built-in shelves that took the place of cabinets and exposed his collection of dishes.
    He set the last of the tiramisu on a plate, added a fork, and rejoined Simone in the living room. Her eyes lit up when she saw the dessert. “Where’s yours?” she asked.
    Chuckling, Cameron cut a slice with the fork. “There isn’t much left, so we’ll have to share.”
    He extended the fork and she pulled the scrumptious dessert between her full lips. His stomach tightened.
    Cameron cut another slice and ate it. Over and over, he alternated by cutting a slice, extending it to her, and then cutting off a piece for himself to eat. All the while, King’s gravelly voice serenaded them with “Rock Me Baby.”
    When they finished the cake, Simone brushed a crumb from the corner of her mouth and licked her lips.
    He was two seconds away from ripping her clothes off. Watching her take slice after slice of cake between her red, parted lips had to be one of the most sensuous things he’d ever seen.
    She kept looking at him, as if waiting for something, and that’s when he realized she was waiting for him to make a move.
    As the album segued into the sultrier, edgier “Blue Shadows,” Cameron took Simone’s hand and drew her closer, barely managing to temper the urgency beating through his blood.
    “So how was it?” he asked.
    “Delicious,” she said softly, sounding a little breathless. “You were right, it was criminally good.” She licked her lips again, and this time he knew she’d done it on purpose. “But I have a feeling that tiramisu wasn’t the only reason you invited me here tonight.”
    One corner of Cameron’s mouth ticked upward. “I have a feeling you knew that when you accepted my invitation.”


    Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels, born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels at



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