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She tried to fill him with love and drowned in the overflow.

It was ironic. Poetic Justice, maybe? Whatever the case, Rakeem Owens escaped the streets, and at his retirement party, his home was raided, and he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. After spending seven years in prison, he is given the opportunity of early release with two major stipulations – probation and volunteer work to give back to the community the Judge believed he took so much from. With no hesitation, Rakeem agrees, but when he finds out that he’ll be serving under Maliah Dixon… jail seems to be a better option.

It was karma. Fate, maybe? Whatever the case, Maliah Dixon is thrilled when she finds out Rakeem will be volunteering with her organization. She started it with her best friend before he went to jail, and it has been her main priority ever since. It was during a visit to see her best friend that she first set eyes on Rakeem, and now that he’s a free man, Maliah was sure there was nothing that would stand in the way of making Rakeem her man.

Rakeem’s heart has been closed and guarded for years, and it will take more than a pretty face and nice frame to soften him toward any woman. But Maliah is determined to not only fill him with her love but be cleansed in the overflow. There is one problem with both water and love, though. Both were soft enough to cleanse and give life yet hard enough to drown and destroy anyone or anything who stand in their way.


Maliah and Rakeem are like that high school couple everyone expects to stay together forever, because they have a once in a lifetime love that doesn't quit. Rakeem is a proud man, the kind who has certain ideas of what a man should do/be in relation to his woman. They both made some mistakes and life happened to them, which robbed them of so much time together. In the end, things worked, out and they finally accepted the happiness that was always theirs to take.

The story started out with some very emotional scenes, which made me prepare some tissue, just in case. However, the emotional roller-coaster I expect didn't happen. This was mainly because the story was really short, so the author had to skip chunks of time to get to the end. e.g. after the first couple of chapters the story skips to a year later, then seven years etc. It didn't give me the opportunity to fully connect with with the characters. There were a few issues, too, that the author could have explored with a longer story (fidelity, betrayal etc. - all very interesting nuggets) 

The writing is good, so I'll definitely be checking to see if the author has full-length novels I can sink my teeth into. 

If you're looking for a quick, sweet read, with a happy-ending, you're welcome to try this. 


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