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Happy Friday! What's up for the weekend? I hope your answer includes reading. If so, let me introduce you to Love Notes from Love Africa Press. This is going to be a weekly meme where writers share six lines/sentences from a Work in Progress or published story.

For my first Love Notes, I'm sharing the opening scene from my recently released novella, Mr Hot Mocha Perfection, which is featured in the Be My Valentine Anthology from Love Africa Press. In this snippet, we discover how my story got its title 😊


Mr Hot Mocha Perfection © Empi Baryeh 2019

It wasn’t the colour of the man’s eyes that had compelled her to ditch a late breakfast—and possibly her next lecture—in favour of stalking him. No. It was something else entirely; something she couldn’t put her finger on. Something she needed to experience again, which explained why she was hiding behind a bookshelf watching him.
His skin was rich mocha perfection—he was tall, compared to her five-five frame, wearing jeans that glorified his hard butt and long athletic legs. Her gaze caught on the snug fit of his patterned shirt around his biceps when he picked out a voluminous book.
If he held a book with such care, she’d bet his arms around a woman would be the stuff of love songs and poems.

I hope you enjoyed the snippet. I hope I've enticed you enough to choose this book for your weekend read. 


Be My Valentine - A Love Africa Press Collection (Volume One)

Tagline: Life is beautiful especially when you're in love.
Featured Stories:
Unexpected Love by Amaka Azie
Bitter Sweet Symphony by Fiona Khan
Golden Valentine by Nana Prah
Boot Camp Seduction by Sable Rose
Mr Hot Mocha Perfection by Empi Baryeh

You can join in the fun by signing up in the linky HERE. Remember to add #LAPLoveNotes to your post's title. You can also check out the participating writers by visiting their posts.

Have a wonderful weekend



  1. That description of Adinkra certainly reeled me in.

    Good to have you on Love Notes.


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