Saturday, 2 February 2019

#BookReview: Between the Trees by Kathy Moczerniak | #YA #ComingOfAge #WTMOreads

Beyond Kathryn Lucas’ first memory of her father’s tree lay a dysfunctional path of violence, heartbreak, and secrets within a family severely entrenched in the vicious cycle of abuse. A lifetime of fear drives her from her home, and the teenage girl finds refuge with an aunt and uncle determined to protect their niece. 

Distressing flashbacks unravel in Kathryn’s fragile mind among the turmoil encircling her as she struggles through adolescence and descends into her pain-ridden past. When the summation of her unsettling memories allows the darkness to overtake her, she becomes desperate to unearth the light.

Inspired by a true story, Kathryn must hold on tightly to those who love her, searching for her place in a world threatening to break her as she fights to overcome life’s betrayals before she is deprived of her future.


Between the trees is story about a young girls journey of coming to terms with a traumatic past, of love and acceptance. 

The main character has to relive her past, as she tries to get past some very dark experiences. These memories are brought to bare in several flashbacks interspersed throughout the book.
Adding to the fact that YA isn't my usual thing, this slowed down the story considerably for me. 

The story deals with some serious issues, which made it depressing at times, but the writer's command of the narration ensured enough lightheartedness to balance the heavy stuff. The story gets really sweet towards the end, which is somewhat a reflection of the main character's growth.

The characters were well-rounded and believable. 

If you're looking for a fast-paced, YA adventure, this is not the book for you. However, if your preference is a slower paced read that delves into the characters' lives, this might just work for you. 

The writing is crisp and flows well. Ms Moczerniak has one of those writing styles you can indulge in for the simple pleasure of reading.  

3.5 stars

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