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Jaiye’s favorite pass time, is antagonizing her father in ways that embarrasses him. He is more than fed up with her, so he marries her off to a mechanic in order to teach her a lesson. Jaiye is livid. She can’t leave the marriage till five years are up, but she begins to discover that Toye is much more than just a mechanic…..

After losing one daughter, a rich man decides that the only way to save his remaining, no-good one is to marry her off to a humble mechanic. Now if you're African, you know that a mechanic is a lowly job, even when the person owns the shop. He had his reasons, and I found them to be acceptable. Despite being headstrong and bent on defying her father, she accepts her father's ridiculous offer for very noble reasons.

The heroine, Jaiye, was an interesting character. She started out as a bratty rich girl determined to throw her life way, but as the story progresses, we discover a depth to her as we learn of the pivotal event that made her the woman we meet at the beginning of the story. The author does a good job of peeling off the layers, allowing the reader to experience her growth over the course of the story. By the end, Jaiye is a fulfilled woman who gets everything she needs, including the love of a good man.

The hero, Toye, was sweet and a good match for Jaiye. He was a bit of a mystery to me, because he had no real motivation for accepting the offer to marry Jaiye - or at least I didn't fully buy into his explanation for why accepted. He's portrayed as close to being perfect, for which reason there wasn't a lot of focus on his development. I would have liked to see more of the story in his POV. He did, however, deliver my favourite line in the story.

I didn't care for the cover at all. IMO, the author should consider re-releasing with a more attractive one that does justice to the story contained within. 

Overall, this was a super sweet story, and the characters lingered in my mind after I'd finished. If you love Nigerian movies, you'll definitely love with book. Recommended for readers with a sweet tooth. (PS. There are inspirational elements.)

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily decided to post a review


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