Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Prah, Constantine & Baryeh Reviews: Challenging Miss Valentine by Cindy K. Green #PrahConstantineAndBaryehReviews

I am so thrilled to post on Valentine's day! Thanks for stopping by amidst preparations for big dates and events tonight! As always, we try to  pick something that's relevant to the season, so naturally we went with a book that's all about Cupid's day: Challenging Miss Valentine by Cindy K. Green.

Before I go any further, here's the blurb:
For one mad moment Ella Valentine steps outside her comfort zone and ends up caught in a lie and saddled with a new boss who she suspects might be losing his mind. Now he has her enacting insane acts of espionage while trying to catch the culprit who has embezzled money from their company.

Charles "Charlie"Murray II might be heir to the Murray family dynasty, but he'd rather be off creating than running the CFO office. However, if he can discover who's been stealing from the company then he just might attain the position of his dreams or will he sacrifice it all to be with Ella.

My Review
As Christian Romances go, Challenging Miss Valentine is as sweet and clean as they come. 
Ella Valentine is a good girl and since a tragedy in her past, she doesn't put herself out there. That's before her best friend challenges her to get out of her comfort zone.
The story begins with our heroine taking the challenge and quite literally falling on her arse ☺. The story continues at a gentle pace with sparks of humour woven into it.
The hero, Charlie, is a good guy through and through. A stiff relationship with his dad and an heiress ex-girlfriend provide good backstory and conflict.

I particularly liked how the author wove in prayers, thoughts and Bible quotations in a way that showed the characters' faith as an integral part of their lives. 

I could have done without the cliché bitchy ex-girlfriend even though the author tries to redeem her in a heart-to-heart scene with the hero. Some people are just not meant to be even if they are good people.

Overall, I found the story enjoyable. I haven't read many Christian romances but I am definitely going to seek out more of them. A sweet (and clean) romance is definitely a good idea every now and then, if you ask me.

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  1. I knew that no swear words would be right up your alley. Great review.

  2. We all agree on this one. I also liked the way she wove in prayers. Good Review, Empi.