Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Book Review: The Red Scot by Twyla Turner

In the recently ended Color of Love Blog Hop 2016, several books were recommended to me by a readers. I'd promised to select one of the books to read and review. The book I chose was The Red Scot by Twyla Turner.

Here's the blurb:
She'll be the greatest fight of his life…

Bradyn 'The Red Scot' MacTavish is the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world, despite his humble beginnings as the fat kid growing up. A tragedy that befell his life changed him and made sure that he never felt helpless again. He spent years making a name for himself in the octagon as an alpha beast, but when it comes to the ladies he is a fumbling mess. Always feeling like the unpopular kid. The day that Payton Bailey walks into his gym changes everything.

When it comes to men, Payton is as clueless as she is with social cues. She prefers to stick with what she knows: Sci-Fi, comic books, video games and web design. After a heartbreaking incident her freshman year of college, she was never able to look at big muscular men the same way again. So imagine her surprise and absolute fright when she catches the eye of the massive, hulking MMA fighter, who she secretly nicknames The Red Giant.

The computer geek has done her best to avoid, ignore, and even maim Bradyn, but the stubborn Scot has no intentions of letting the skittish lass slip through his fingers. And with the help of her three friends, he just might win the fight of his life.

The Red Scot is the charming standalone novel and Book 1 of the Curvy Girls Club Series. A series about four inseparable best friends and their individual journeys to each find their Happily Ever After.

My Review
Imagine Kevin McKidd and (a black) Sara Ramirez. Now that's a gorgeous pair! This was my image of Bradyn and Payton. 

Payton, a web designer, is a shy girl who prefers to hide behind her computer. An event from her past makes her scared of men - especially big muscular ones. So when she catches the eye of MMA champion, Bradyn MacTavish, she all but jumps out of her skin. But underneath all that brawn, Bradyn is teddy bear.

Seemingly an unlikely pair, Bradyn's kindness and care (and the help of 3 curvy girls), coaxes Payton out of her shell and learn to trust him.

The love between them blooms slowly as they both learn to step outside their comfort zones. I liked the fact that the author chose to pair her skittish heroine with exactly the kind of man she'd normally be afraid of (on the surface), and how Bradyn's backstory makes him the perfect guy for Payton.

The author's writing style is easy to read although I found the word 'shy' and 'shyly' so overused in the book.

Disclaimer: I bought my copy of the book from Amazon.

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