#BookReview: The Alpha Bid by Ty Young | #DistinguishedGentlemenSeries

Jacob St. Williams, aka Coby, aka The Alpha, is the president of an urban television network called the Urban Choice Channel. He grew up down the street from Mama Peaches! He reluctantly signs up to be a part of the Southlake Park Bachelors Auction.

His lovely bidder, Ms. Ryse Taylor, not only finds herself in a small bidding war but a fight for the top spot as Alpha!

Two alphas going head-to-head. Who will submit?

I liked the premise of this story. One one hand, there was Coby, a man who likes to be in control, likes to 'take care' of his woman. On the other hand, stood Ryse, a woman who took pride in being able to do things for herself. 

With two headstrong characters, I expected sparks and explosions and hot passion - and mutual submission. Their attraction to each other was instant, and they did butt heads quite a bit. Unfortunately, that seemed to be all they did when they were together. Even their reconciliation was more of an external force that made each one decide to give it a try. I would have liked to see more falling in love on the page, and them working out their issues together as a team.


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