Monday, 23 December 2019

#BookReview: The Governor’s Wife by Amaka Azie


Newly separated Ogonna Moneke has come to Abuja to open a safe house for abused women. Luck is on her side when the perfect site falls into her lap...until she learns who owns it. The chances of Philip Adamu renting to her are slim to none. Why would he when she dropped her financially struggling college sweetheart like a hot potato to marry someone else?


Philip is dumped by his sweetheart, Ogonna, after 14 years (or so) of being together. Weeks later, she’s married to a governor. Heart-broken, he moves on professionally, but his heart never heals. Skip to seven years later - Ogonna has left an abusive marriage, and her search for a piece of property for a new project brings her face to face with Philip.

Their reunion is explosive and reveals the unfinished business between them. More mature now, they are both able to get past their past. Philip and Ogonna were well-matched and I enjoyed their romance. It was nice to see a man who loved a woman because of her strong-willed nature and not in spite of it. I also enjoyed the politics and culture woven into the story.

Ogonna was admirable as a woman who had survived domestic abuse, and I would have liked to see a little more of her journey of survival and recovery. Given that the story takes place just months after her separation from her husband after 7 years of abuse, it felt like she’d either moved on too quickly or she hadn’t fully dealt with it. I kept expecting something to trigger her - just something more, which would have made her ‘rising above’ even sweeter. I also wish the story had stayed away from the crazy ex-girlfriend drama.

Overall, it was a good read.

This is a standalone sequel to The Senator's Daughter, which had Philip as a secondary character. It was nice to see him get his own HEA and also great to see some of the characters from book 1. PS. you don't need to read book 1 before delving into this one.

*I received a free copy of this book and my review if given voluntarily*

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