Sunday, 4 March 2018

His searing kiss scorched her... #SexySnippet from Most Eligible Bachelor #ValentineRomance

Happy Sunday!
It's the month of love, so I decided that for the rest of the month, I'd share snippets from my debut novel, Most Eligible Bachelor, a romance kindled on Valentine's Day. Today's snippet follows directly from last week's snippet.

His searing kiss was nothing she could have imagined. It scorched her, inside and out. A soft moan escaped her throat before she could stop it. She melted into him, curling her fingers around his nape.

When he pulled away, her breath came in fast, shallow bursts. In stunned reflex, her fingers came to her lips, which felt swollen, having not been used for this purpose in a while. Weak-kneed and aroused, she sensed she only remained standing because of his strong arms around her.

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