#BookReview: Walk Like a Man by Suz DeMello


Marti Solis is an accomplished physical therapist who works wonders with severely injured patients, but Jim Wellman is a macho football star who can't seem to get past her cute looks and smart mouth.

He's always flirting, and his recovery is hampered by complications from the poor care he received after the injury--by both the team doctor and the hospital where he spent the past eight months. His career in football is over, but Marti is determined to get him walking again.

Jim, however, is his own worst enemy, making injudicious comments to the press and trying to talk Marti into bed at every opportunity until her patience is sorely tried.

He understandably resents her seeing him at his most vulnerable even while he craves her undivided attention on a more personal level.


Jim is an injured quarterback recovering from an injury, and Marti is the physical therapist helping him. Marti's attraction to Jim is instant, but she resists since she doesn't want to jeopardise her job by dating her patient. Jim, however, is determined to make her see him as a man.

I liked Jim. He was very macho and this leaps off the page from his first appearance. He is used to getting his way and won't back down even if it means fighting with his physical therapist.

I love strong women, and Marti is a good example - good at her job, a strong sense of self and family. She has, however, sustained some emotional injuries from a past relationship and is low on trust.

I thought Jim fell too quickly for Marti, but then there is such a thing as love at first sight, so it didn't detract from the story. The romance between Jim and Marti is sweet and their relationship progresses at a believable pace.

The main thing that raised brows for me was at he end when Jim notices something about Marti that she doesn't and, thought it was cute, it didn't ring true.

Overall, it was a good read. I recommend it to anyone looking for something sweet and slightly different from the norm.


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