Sunday, 13 May 2018

Lovers; not friends | #MothersDay excerpt from Expecting Ty's Baby by @empibaryeh #SexySnippet

Hello friends, and welcome back to Sexy Snippets. Today, I'm sharing a snippet in honour of Mother's Day! So it's clearly not going to be a 'sexy' piece, but I thought it was cute. This snippet comes from my soon-to-be-published (unedited) book, Expecting Ty's Baby. A scene between the heroine, Patricia and her mother.

Here you go. Enjoy 💗
And Happy Mother's Day!

She swallowed, forcibly directing her mind to her mother’s accusation. “Sorry, Maame. I was just thinking, that’s all.”
“About your friend?”
Patricia chuckled. Though, speaking in Fante, her mother had said 'friend' in English, which meant a whole lot more than a mere friend.
“He’s not my ‘friend'.” Her mind flashed on images of some of her passion-inflamed nights with Ty. Lovers, not friends. 
“He’s Thane’s friend, and I’m only being nice to him because we have to work together on the wedding.”
Her mother smiled. “I’ve been a young woman in love before, you know.”
“Maame, I’m not a young woman in love.”
“Deny it all you want, but I’ve seen the way you look at each other.” Her mother seemed pleased with herself as she winked. “Or should I say the way he looks at you, and the way you pretend not to be looking at him.”

*End of snippet* 

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  1. LOL. It's definitely cute.

    Happy Mothers Day

  2. Ah, mums always know these things, lol. Great snippet :)