Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Playing With Words: Everyday vs Every Day #GrammarTips

Hi folks!
Some of you might remember I used to do a Wednesday Weekly post called "Word Wednesday".  I have decided to resume those posts, but I'm now calling it Playing With Words, which I think opens up the possibilities. I may be wrong - time will tell.
So for my inaugural "Playing with words" post, I chose to look at "everyday" vs "ever day". If you're like me, then your default position is it's one word. Apparently not! 

Here's the 411


The word everyday describes things that are commonplace or ordinary; of or relating to every day; daily. Everyday answers the question what kind? e.g.:
  • an everyday occurrence.
  • everyday clothes.
  • a placid, everyday scene.

Every day answers the question when? e.g.
  • He walks every day.
For more information, check out this article from Dictionary(dot)com.


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