Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Prah, Constantine, and Baryeh Review: For the Love of Chocolate (Superstitious Brides Book 2) by Susan Ann Wall

We just said goodbye to February and while it wasn't all about a particular date, we all attribute Valentine's Day with the month. Well, in Ghana, 14th February is officially National Chocolate Day, so it was really in the spirit of Valentine's Day/Month, that we decided to read For the Love of Chocolate by Susan Ann Wall.

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Whats' the story about:
Maddie Carson has taken a sacred vow to give up chocolate and dating. A comfort eater who turns to brownies every time her twin brother is deployed with the army, Maddie has twenty pounds to lose before she can once again date like it's an Olympic sport. She and her best friend are on a mission to open an equine assisted therapy center and Maddie is desperate to work through her body image issues in order to be the best therapist she can be. 
When the fitness buff at the gym - known as Hot Shirtless Guy - not only teaches her proper technique on the rowing machine but also asks her to dinner, Maddie finds herself struggling to stay on the wagon. To complicate matters, Darren Brown (yes, his name is the root word in “brownie”) is trying to buy the same horse as Maddie and offers to buy in on a partnership to open the therapy center. Maddie fell in love with the mare because of her name and gentle demeanor, but Darren’s tragic relationship with Chocolate has Maddie questioning her own motives. When partnering with Darren becomes a financial necessity, Maddie will discover that by giving her heart, she can achieve all her dreams.

My Impressions
Maggie wants to regain control of her life and for her that means curbing her sweet tooth, getting in shape and not dating (for a while). Except that in the course of trying to get back on track, she meets Hot Shirtless Guy who makes her question all those new rules she'd decided to live by. The author doesn't waste time setting the stage for a first meeting. She thrusts the reader right in the middle of the first meet, which really set the tone for the story.

The first thing that struck me was how relateable hero and heroine are - maybe because the herione reminded me of someone I actually know :-D. I enjoyed the fact that Maddie isn't your usual heroine. As a big girl, you would expect her to be a wall flower, but no - she's vivacious, loves her curves and has always been a major flirt.

The hero, Darren Brown, is a beta male who makes you wish you were Maddie. He's sexy and doesn't beat about the bush. With a deep pain from losing his sister, Darren has depth that makes him even more endearing.

The chemistry between the two is off the charts. I found myself rooting for them right from the start.

For the Love of Chocolate is fast-paced without feeling rushed and I enjoyed reading it. If you're a sucker for sweet romance (with some hot sex), then this is definitely for you.

The one thing, I'd change is the focus on Maddie's nipples. I reckon nipples was the most used body part in this story. Other than that, here's to hoping there's a story on Maddie's brother, Matty.


  1. Wonderful review. I agree completely. The nipple part didn't bother me though. I knew you'd mention the beta hero. My fingers were on the keyboard poised to do the same, but I thought I'd leave it for you. It was a wonderful book choice for February, but then again can anything with chocolate in the title fail?

  2. Empi, what a fantastic review and right on!!!