Friday, 8 January 2016

Book #Review: The Slow Burn of Silence (A Snowy Creek Novel) by Loreth Anne White (Author) #RomanticSuspense

Have you ever started a book and wanted to tell everyone about it? This novel was one of those for me, so it was the perfect choice to end my 2015 reading year.

The Blurb
From award-winning romance author Loreth Anne White comes a story of justice, loyalty, and unbreakable bonds that is both a thrilling mystery and a moving love story. Newly exonerated ex-con Jeb Cullen is determined to prove his innocence to his former neighbors and win back the heart of Rachel Salonen, the only woman he’s ever loved.
Nine years after her testimony helped put Jeb behind bars, Rachel’s life is finally getting back to normal. But it’s turned upside down by the sudden death of her sister and her new responsibility for her sister’s adopted daughter, Quinn. Now Jeb is back in his hometown, and he’s willing to risk everything to discover who was really responsible for the crime he was accused of. But there are people in Snowy Creek who will do anything to keep the truth buried, a truth that could tear the sleepy town apart and cost Jeb everything he holds dear.

My Review 
A man wrongly accused of a heinous crime, trying to clear his name and win the love of the woman who helped put him behind bars. That's a tough one, and the whole allure of the book. As I began reading, I couldn't wait for Jeb and Rachel to meet again, couldn't wait for the rest of the town to find out he was back, couldn't wait to see who actually committed the crimes Jeb was accused of.
Add that to likeable primary and secondary characters, and you basically have a story that keeps a reader me on her toes wanting more. 
The only thing I didn't particularly care for was the switch between first person POV for Rachel and third person POV for all other characters. My preference would have been one either first person all through or third person all through.
That said, I think Loreth Anne White's writing flows well, which makes the switch in POVs smoother than a less experienced author would have managed.
I look forward to reading more Snowy Creek novels.

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