Thursday, 2 July 2015

Prah, Constantine and Baryeh #Review: The Lightning Prophecy by Emily Cyr #Paranormal

I was going to start the post with 'It that time of the month again!' and then I figured that was probably not the best intro ;-) ...
Hi! :-D

July rolled around very quickly, too quickly if you ask me. If it sounds like I'm complaining, rest assured I'm not. It just means I have to start planning my first ever 1 year-old birthday party for my dear daughter! 

and... It's time for another Prah, Baryeh & Constantine review (applause).

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So for last month we read, The Lightning Prophecy by Emily Cyr, an urban fantasy/paranormal. I won't lie, I'm not an avid reader of the genre. When it comes to paranormal, I prefer to watch the movie/tv show (I know; *gasp*). Some of my bookworm friends will disown me for this, I'm sure ;-)

Here's the blurb:
Delaney Hagen’s power to control lightning is unique, even among witches. That uniqueness has caused her to run and hide from her kind - and the other supernatural beings in the world. Finally, after years of running, she feels safe enough to settle down. But her life’s calm is completely destroyed when her best friend is murdered. Delaney teams up with the mysterious and sexy Reid Jamison to figure out just what is going down in her world. Delaney will have to make a choice between her life and love. Will she be the product of a prophecy or will her fate be changed?Reid Jamison knew this case wouldn't be easy. But, with the money the Coven was throwing at him, how could he say no? When he met Delaney Hagen, his whole world began to unravel. Faced with a prophecy, murders, love and betrayal, will Reid be able to hang on to this new world? Or will it slip away?


First off, love the cover! 
As I mentioned, this is an urban fantasy/paranormal; what I didn't say is that it is set in present day and regular society, which I liked. As a heroine, Delaney, a witch with unique powers, is delightfully innocent, and the hero, Reid, a werewolf, is hot as magma (did I mention in the were/vamp war, I'm totally team were?). I found their attraction to be authentic right from the moment they meet and the author's sex scenes are some of the best written scenes in the book ;-). 

To be frank, when I started I didn't expect to enjoy the book because it has more than a few of my pet peeves, namely:
1) It is written in first person and in more than one POV, so sometimes you start a section and you aren't sure who's talking, which takes you out of  the story.
2) Flashbacks! ('nuf said)
3) Repetition - in many cases the author repeats certain pieces of information that I felt were not necessary. However, I didn't find them annoying or obstructive.

The bottom line is, did I enjoy the read? And the answer is yes!

I give it: 

NB: We got the book from the author for an honest review, but you can get yourself a copy from Amazon. 


  1. Great review, Empi. I love the Magma comment about the hero. So on point.

  2. Good Review, Empi. And Happy 1st Birthday to your baby!!!